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October 10, 2012

Bennetts Designer Boots

Do you love wearing boots, but can't seem to find good looking boots that are knee high?  Look no more, as these boots from Bennetts Boots will make us look tall and slim by camouflaging the right areas.  I like how beautifully it fits and the comfort of wearing the boots.  Bennetts Boots are uniquely designed for people with wide calves and curvy legs/ankles.  

Bennetts Boots found in 2007 by Amanda Bennetts is world leading Australian company that specializes in wide calf boots.  Amanda came up with these boots as she couldn't find boots to fit her calves and was a frustrated with fashion industry that created boots only to a certain size.     

This Jude boots from Bennett Boots has a heel height flat, which I like.  It comes in black and chocolate.  The full length zip allows us to wear the boots with ease and there is no need to squeeze the legs into the boots :)  I have got wonderful compliments, while wearing these cute boots.  This pair of Jude flat boots is in riding style and goes well with pants or skirts.  I wore the boots for a long period of time and it was comfortable.  The boots are light, flexible and have a lovely soft blue lining with anti-perspiration and anti-smell qualities.  There are no elastics to worry about.  

The boots are stitched by hand with genuine leather.  They use leather as it is comfortable, absorbs moisture and breathes.  Leather protects the foot and also shapes it self to the foot and calf.  Napa leather is used for the upper part of the boots, as it is good quality, lightweight, strong and the softest leather that comes from the Napa cow.  They use full grain or top grain leather, as it is the strong part of the hide, which is durable.  This natural form of leather is expensive and has no polishing or finish done to it.  Cowhide is used in different weights and cuts.  Pigskin hide is used in the inner sole.  I removed the pigskin hide and replaced it with my own orthotics because of religious reasons and still find the boots very comfortable.      

If we care well for these boots it will last long.  The boots come with guidelines on how to care for the leather.  If we clean the boots with leather cream to nourish, condition and polish i.e. using products like Zorbel the boots will get an instant shine.  
Using water and stain protector spray, and allowing the boots to naturally air dry are other ways we can take care of it.  The boot comes with shapers, so it is best to put these on when the boots are not worn, as this would prevent the boots from bending or having creases.  The boots also come with an extra heel so we can replace without cost, if needed.  

There are a few stores in Australia and worldwide.  I like the new design and pictures on their site, which makes it is easy to buy online as they ship worldwide for free.  The sizing chart on the site is helpful in deciding the perfect fit.  There are wonderful collection of designs and choice of colour available.  I would like if Bennetts Boots mention the type of leather that are used in different parts of the boots.      
If you follow Bennetts Boots on Twitter and Facebook you will be able to see their new collections and get to know about deals and coupons.

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September 13, 2012

Freshwater pearl earrings giveaway

My daughter likes wearing pearl earrings and she chose this beautiful pink studs from Freshwater pearls.  These affordable pearl earrings add beautiful charm to any outfit or occasion.  The earrings are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  Freshwater pearls have a wide variety of size and colours that we can choose from.

The earrings like all the other products sold at Freshwater pearls come in a beautiful gift box, which makes a wonderful gift for any lady or yourself :)  Check out the interesting facts about pearls

Follow Freshwater pearls on Facebook and twitter to know about contests and giveaways.

$5 off when you spend $20.00 or more-code: freefive
$10 off when you spend $40.00 or more-code: freeten
$15 off when you spend $60.00 or more-code: free15
Update: The winner is Devi
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September 9, 2012

HairThingz giveaway

My daughter enjoyed wearing these HairThingz and liked hearing a lot of compliments about how pretty it looked.  Many of her friends wanted to know where to get these unique, stylish hair accessory. 

My daughter is not a person who likes having hair accessories on for a long period of time, however she enjoyed having these HairThingz on her hair as it didn't bother her.  HairThingz stay put despite all the running, jumping and cartwheels :) without sliding or loosening; this is a big bonus as we don't have to keep adjusting the hair.  HairThingz keeps the hair neatly away from the face.  It is waterproof and is wonderful to have on while swimming. 

We can layer, link, stretch and twist the HairThingz.  All we have to do is twist the parts of the hair we want to insert the accessory in and put it any way we like.  
Even when HairThingz are removed after several hours, it retains its original spiral shape so we can use it again.  The package comes with basic instructions and styles.  There are many different styles we can use the HairThingz; it is only limited by our imagination.  
It is easy to remove as this accessory doesn't tug or damage the hair, when used carefully.  
We like the pretty colours these cute fun tube-like hair accessories come in.  There are 4 different themed packages; pretty princess, Sunburst, Super Star and Cupcake.  Each package has 12 pieces with 4 different colours.  HairThingz are made in USA with safe quality plastic that is free of BPA and heavy metals, which will not chip, crack or break.  

This useful, colourful, easy to put, fun, imaginative product will please all the girls and parents.  I enjoyed having HairThingz on my hair as well; it isn't only for your little one :) 
Check these videos, which shows how easy it is to use and remove.

HairThingz are available at all these stores in the US and online.  Use the code TORVIEW to get 40% of your purchase.
If you want to win a package of HairThingz, please leave a comment on this post and enter through the rafflecopter below.  The giveaway is open to people in Canada and US, ends on September 25th.
Update: The winner is Stephanie
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August 30, 2012

Eye examinations and Eyes cream shades

It is recommend by paediatricians to do an annual eye exam for our children, and it is a good idea to put this on the "back to school" checklist.  Healthy eyes are an important part of children's development.  Most optometrists check and do routine yearly exams for children over the age of 3, as soon as they can recognize pictures and tell.

According to the IRIS optometrists, since the provincial health plan covers eye examination for children they recommend us to take our children young as one for an annual eye examination until they are twenty years; after 20 years it is recommended every 1 to 2 years.   

It is also important for us, as parents to make sure our children's eyes are protected from UVA and UVB rays at an early age.  Eyes cream shades has a cute quality collection of shades for children over the age of 6 months.

This Sporty Gradient "Blueberry Ice" sunglasses will look cool on both girls and boys.  Children will enjoy wearing this pair of sunglasses, which has a blue to clear gradient frame and light blue polycarbonate lenses.  The light and thin shatter resistant lens is perfect for young children.
Children will enjoy wearing these cool shades without a fuss because of its comfort.
I like the new sizing chart on their site, very helpful in making a decision when we get shades for children. Eyes cream shades has joined Bright Sky UV, to protect the entire family from harmful UV rays with their collection of sun wear made with Pro Tek fabric.

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August 26, 2012

Moroccan bangles and jewellery tips

One of my favourite pieces of jewelry are bangles and bracelets. I like the variety of unique jewelry designs at Housewives Jewelry. This beautiful Moroccan bangle set has a fun mix of 8 bangles made with enamel, brass, wood, glass and faux ivory bracelets.  I like the idea of wearing either all the bangles together, a few at a time or one at time.  These bangles are comfortable and strong, as it didn't bend when I wore them.  I also received lovely compliments about its beautiful design.

August 16, 2012

Holy clothing: Long flowing top blouse

This Bohemian chic Melodie blouse from Holy clothing is beautiful, comfortable and soft.  This top comes up to my thigh and it can be worn with pants or skirts.  The top is made with 100% viscose rayon material, which is cuddly soft :)  I am happy that the material is not see-through, which is very hard to find these days.  

The embroidery on this burgundy or ruby red shirt is beautifully detailed.  The front of the shirt has full length matching buttons and the back has a ribbon to tie the blouse tight or loose as we wish.  The stitching is professionally done in India.  This top is airy and beautiful to wear for any occasion. 

Although the garments are pre-washed it is advised we wash it before wearing.  The shirt can be easily machine washed in cold water under delicate cycle or hand washed.  It is better to hang dry to maintain the hand-dyed vibrant colour.  This melodie top is available in black, brown, burgundy, purple and green.

I like the beautiful choices of handmade garments on their site. The choice of tops, dresses, skirts, and pants are unique.  These feminine clothes are available from small size to 5X.  I was happy to see the range of long sleeved clothing that is available :)  I found it easy to surf the site and find clothes that suits my taste; actually found a few that I really like :) The clothes are shipped worldwide. They ship it the next day we order it.  
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July 23, 2012

Drifter ballistic lugz shoes

My husband tested these good looking pair of Drifter ballistic lugz shoes for men. He felt that the shoes were lightweight and stylish so it can be worn to a variety of places. The cushioned insole, padded tongue and collar of the shoes make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This tough and durable boots have a unique nylon upper part that keeps the boots strong and breathable.
Check out the selection of Lugz shoes for men, as these trendy and stylish urban footwear are built for the street. The foxing tape looks decorative in the shoes. The shoes have a lug sole, which will not slip.
You can comfortably insert orthotics, if you wear one.
If you would like to win a pair of these Drifter ballistic lugz shoes, in your size please leave a comment on this post. The giveaway is open to readers in US and ends on August 5th.
Follow Lugz on twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with deals and new trends.
Follow me on twitter and Facebook so I can contact you if you are the winner.
Update: The winner is sophieandmomma

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June 20, 2012

Oofos footwear

Oofos footwear is very comfortable and ideal to wear during this season.  These slippers are available in men and women's sizes.  Oofos footwear are anti fatigue and lightweight.  It would be lovely to wear for a causal look.  The slippers have reduced body impact so it can be worn for long periods of time, for shopping and walking.  The underfoot arch support feels good on the feet.  I don't know of any flip flops that orthotics can be inserted to, so having this built in arch support is helpful.  I like that the footwear is flexible.  

These slippers are water resistant, which would be wonderful to have by the swimming pool and wading pools.  It doesn't sweat so keeps the leg well snug in the slippers without slipping off.  The slippers are safe to wear when we are walking, taking the children to the park and playing in the park as it doesn't slip off easily like other flip flops and open sandals. 

I thought it is interesting that this footwear is machine washable in cold wash, I didn't try it because it is easy to wash by hand if necessary.  The slippers cannot be put in the dryer and it doesn't need to either.  Temperatures over 150F might shrink the shoes so don't leave it in the direct sun; which we must remember :)
These durable oofos ooahh slides come in mocha brown and black.  Oofos also has ooriginal thongs that are available in pink, orange, brown and black.  Oofos is sold at all these places in the USA and these countries.

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June 16, 2012

Mark's wearhouse clothes for Father's day

Mark's has high quality clothes that are affordable, comfortable and will last long.  My husband enjoys this attractive :) double layered vintage shirt from Denver Hayes.  This shirt has a unique design with two different contrasting materials that shows in the inside of the shirt, at the cuff, collar and the bottom.  We like the design and how it looks when it dressed.  He feels really comfortable wearing the shirt that is made with 100% washable cotton.  It is a good shirt for everyday casual wear and comes in sizes S to 2XL.  
He likes to wear this Denver Hayes driWear workout pants when he is cycling and exercising.  It is comfortable to wear during all types of sports.  My husband likes the relaxed fit of the pants and the elastic waistband that doesn't have zips, buttons or ties; this is a really useful feature during active sports.  It fits well and the pants aren't tight looking so he feels and looks good wearing it.  He likes the ease of moving with the pant as the material made with 88% nylon and 12% spandex is stretchy.  The pants have two side pockets and 2 flap closure pockets on the back. 
According to my husband, this driWear tiger stripe active polo t-shirt is comfortable and light on the body.  This stylish t-shirt is good for outdoor activities, causal wear and for sports.  The 100% polyester t-shirt keeps the moisture out and stretches for better fit and movement.  This short-sleeve t-shirt has a collar with 3-button closure at the neck.  The striped pattern blends in and looks good.  The tag says not to put dry sheets or fabric softener when drying.    

Both the workout pants and the t-shirt uses one-way moisture management system that keeps the body dry from outside environment such as water spills and rain.  It doesn't allow the water to enter thru the clothing and keeps the moisture away from the skin as it vapours it out, so the person wearing feels dry and comfortable.  It also uses FreshTech technology that prevents the growth of odour causing microbes and stain causing bacteria.  This is a very useful feature when we are active and staying outdoors especially during this season.  These driWear clothing are tag less, which is comfortable during play.   
We usually take advantage of the sales and bought this Wind River 360° FlexTech waist side elastic hiker pants during the Father's day sale last Thursday.  Clothing from Mark's will be a good gift for dad, so take advantage of the online and in-store sales.  

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June 7, 2012

eShakti: Online personal dressmaker

eShakti is like our own personal tailor/ dressmaker online, how cool and convenient is that.  eShakti makes custom clothing according to the customer's personal preferred style and size.   We can change  the dress to fit our own style and preference of sleeve, necklines and length.  
There are lots of choices on the site, which is changed at least twice a week; so if you see something you like make your pick soon.  

The clothing is made in India and posted from there.  The dressmaker ensures that it fits us in a flattering manner according to the measurements we choose.  I like that we can modify the size and preferred style.  I liked the material, lining and the neat stitching on this dress.  The clothes had labels identifying the company eShakti, the size of the dress and how to care for it.  The side zip is helpful to remove and put the dress, as this dress is put over the head.  It would be nice if they include a few different prints of material for us to choose from.

To better their service and help us make a good choice, I would like if eShakti has real people wearing the clothing on their images.  This will help us know how it will fit on us.  It is hard to imagine how the dress will look with the types of pictures they have.  

I chose this wildflower cowl dress in my size and style.  Initially, I didn't like it as much as I liked it when I ordered it online.  I didn't realize that this dress I chose had a split that started from the waist, if I had known this by looking at the images, I wouldn't have chosen it.  The brief description on the site isn't very helpful to make choices.
I would have also liked if the cowl on the dress is more prominent on me just like how the picture looks.  I will have to do some minor adjustments has I don't like the darts on the back of the dress.

Once we place the order, after a few days we will get an email with the tracking number of the product.  After I ordered the product, it came within two weeks.  eShakti has a return policy that can be sent to a location in the USA.  As I am in Canada, returns could be a hassle with expensive postage fees.  However those in USA would find it favourable.

This is definitely a unique online service that makes beautiful women's clothing such as dresses, blouses, pants and skirts.  They also have beautiful accessories to go with the clothes.  If I were to choose another product from eShakti I would make a wiser choice :)

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June 1, 2012

Eye Dig it™ and DeBug

We should all wear sunglasses while we are spending time outdoors. This eyewear from Dig it is a safety glass that protects our eyes from everyday UV rays.  

Eye dig it™ has high impact resistance lenses which meet the highest standard in the market. It doesn't slip and fits well while we play and work outdoors. The large lenses allow us to see without a problem. Eye dig it™ comes in two colours tortoise shell and black shades, which will go well with any attire :)  

The lenses are made with strong scratch resistant durable polycarbonate, which is an important feature especially when we use these as working glasses. These fashionable safety eye glasses can be worn anywhere i.e. gardening, driving, sports, wood working, constructions and DIY projects in the home.  It is not intended to replace safety glasses at hazardous construction sites.

It is easy to clean with mild soap and lukewarm water.  Like any other glasses it is breakable and if it has too many scratches that reduce vision we should replace it.

The  Eye dig it™ comes with an Oakley style soft microfiber storage bag, so we can clean our sunglasses when it is inside the pouch. Eye dig it™ can be purchased online and at these retailers.
DeBug is a deet free insect patch from Dig it, which will keep the mosquitos away from bugging us for 48 hours. DeBug insect repellent is all natural made with vitamin B thiamin. This is a solution for outdoors activities during the summer months and when travelling around the world :)

The carbon dioxide emitted from our bodies attracts mosquitos.  This DeBug patch neutralizes the odour and keeps the mosquitos away. DeBug is not greasy, water heat resistant, odourless, chemical free, quick and easy patch that circulates and is absorbed by our skin within 2 hours of using by transdermal processes.

The packs are sold in 2, 4 or 15 patches which are 2.25" x 2.25".  It cannot be cut and used because it will imbalance the effects. The patch can be used on children and adults. People with heavy body weight may need 2; it doesn't overdose because our bodies dispose excess vitamin B1.

The patch is effective on hairless skin and each time needs to be placed in a new area. The patch only works if it is exposed to air or skin. If you are allergic to adhesive tape or starch consult a doctor before using.  Although it doesn't interact (or not known to interact) with other medications or pregnancy please consult a doctor before using. 

I haven't used any type of insect repellent before, and have read about the dangers of Deet in other products that are not good for us.  DeBug is a deet free option to those who use insect repellents.     

Dig it products can be purchased online and in all these retailers.  I am enjoying Dig it products especially the dig it handwear and high five gloves.

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May 30, 2012

Bamboo charcoal natural deodorizer

Bamboo charcoal is a natural deodorizer from Ever Bamboo.  This eco-friendly deodorizer is made with rapidly growing moso bamboo.  The countless tiny holes in the bamboo charcoal make it a good deodorizer.  It works as a dehumidifier because the high density and porous structure of the moso bamboo absorbs excessive moisture, and during low humidity it releases moisture back into the atmosphere.

I think it has a similar concept like mothballs where we don't see the effect, but over time we know it makes a difference.  As a result of keeping this pouch of bamboo charcoal in the car, I don't smell or feel the stuffiness and odour in the car during hot summer days, so I believe it is working.  The toxic chemical substances and polluted air particles such as formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene are absorbed by it.  There is no smell from these bamboo charcoal like mothballs, which is good :)

Ever Bamboo has deodorizers for many areas in the home i.e. room, drawer, fridge & freezer, closet, shoes, hockey bags, car.  The bamboo charcoal comes in granules, different size pouches and sachets.  I have also placed it in rooms and closets.  
These antibacterial deodorizers keep linens and other belongings in the closets, cabinets and drawers fresh by deterring moths and preventing mold.  We can place it in shoes and bags to remove odour and moisture. 
They also have a fridge & freezer deodorizer, which is supposed to absorb food orders, ethylene gas so the fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer.

The face and body bar can be used for any type of skin.  It purifies, exfoliates, moisturizes, detoxifies and absorbs impurities.

According to the Ever bamboo site, when the bamboo charcoals are submersed in water it softens the water, absorbs harmful minerals i.e. chlorine and releases natural minerals i.e. calcium, sodium and magnesium into the water.  So it can be placed in the aquarium, use as filter for bath water and other uses except drinking water.  
The bamboo charcoal granules will look pretty with floral designs and home decors.  The granules absorb excessive moisture and releases moisture back into the soil when it is dry providing better aeration for plants and vegetables.

To maintain care for these deodorizers, simply place in direct sunlight for 2 to 3 hours per side monthly or weekly for optimal performance.  After about a year when you are done using it just remove the bamboo charcoal granules from the pouch and mix it with gardening soil to mineralize and regulate moisture.  
Bamboo charcoal is available online and in many retail stores.

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May 21, 2012

Fashion to figure giveaway

Fashion to figure is offering a giveaway to the readers of Createwithmom and Torviewtoronto.  The giveaway is open to everyone in USA until May 30th.  If you are the winner you can choose one item $30 or less from Fashion to figure.  

I don't have first hand experience with their products, but happy to bring this giveaway offer to you.  
Fashion to figure is an online company that has a variety of women's clothing from size 12 to 26.  They have a selection of dresses, tops, shirts, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, outerwear, body shapers, accessories and jewelry on their site.  The site has lovely product pictures that show either the front/ back of the clothing and some products have a zoom feature.  The site also has detailed product description for each of their clothing.  Fashion to figure also gives suggestions on how to wear the clothing.

The site is easy to surf, so start looking through it and leave a comment on what type of clothing you are thinking of getting on the comment of this post with your contact email address or your Facebook or twitter name.
Please follow my twitter and Facebook so you know when the winner is announced.
Update: The winner is Stephanie

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April 25, 2012

Bondi Bands

Bondi Bands are headbands for women, men, children and pets.  We can use it for fun, fashion or while running/sports.  Everyone will enjoy this band.  It has many functions such as keeping the sweat dripping while you are active, or for fashionable reasons where the headband will keep the hair out of the face.

I tried this fashion lycra headband.  It is very comfortable and soft.  Wearing the headbands for a long period of time doesn't irritate.  It stretches to fit the head of the person wearing. It is easy to care for it just hand wash and hang dry. Don't use fabric softener on their products.
The wicking hats can be washed by machine and dried in a dryer. All the products are made in USA.
I tried this fashion lycra headband.  My daughter and I, both like wearing this headband.  She loves wearing it all the time and so do I, we might have to get a few :)  They have a wide selection with many vibrant colours, patterns and plain ones.  We can wear the wide band by leaving it open, rolling them up or folding them in half.  So it can be worn a few different ways to suit the person's preference, style and outfit.

Bondi Band also carries swim caps, wicking ponytail and pigtail hats, regular wicking hats, neck gators and sweat towels. Their products are shipped to anywhere in the world. Bondi Bands are sold online and in some stores. They have two deals right now for headbands:  
Buy 3 get 1 free using the coupon code: ONE 
or buy 5 for $25 with the coupon code: FIVE.

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April 18, 2012

Nature's Sleep memory foam slippers review/giveaway

Nature's Sleep memory foam slippers are cozy, soft, warm and comfortable. We will never want to remove these slippers. I love wearing slippers all the time, so having a slipper that is cushiony, comfortable and don't sweat is really helpful. These slippers are perfect for the cool weather. The inner sole is made with visco-elastic memory foam. It contours the feet and absorbs pressure.

April 15, 2012

Green Living show 2012 experience

We learned about eco-friendly products and ways we can to be part of sustainable living at the Green Living Show, which will be held at the Direct Energy Centre CNE from April 13th till April 15th.
At the show, we got to know about free services such as getting rid of our garbage in an environmentally friendly way. For example, using TerraCycle. Once, we sign up and tell which type of the waste we like to get rid of, we can start collecting and then send it to TerraCycle using their free shipping UPS slip. The materials that are collected will be used to create new products. TerraCycle operates all over the world. Recycle your electronics is a service that helps us get rid of office and home electronic products. Orange drop can be used to safely dispose our hazardous waste free of charge. Household hazardous wastes should not be thrown in the garbage or down the drain. We can take it to municipal HHW depot collection event or take the paint and batteries to a retail drop-off location. Put your postal code on the side bar and search for the collection depots. 
There were other companies that offer eco-friendly options and ways we can make our home greener, for example using rain barrels, solar powered panels, roofing, green windows, water systems, and more. They had a variety of gardening products and tips. There were many products related to fashion, beauty and clothing which were made using natural organic material such as pure cotton and bamboo. The show had companies and business that taught about healthy living by adding yoga and exercise to our daily routine. The electronic cars on display looked really cool.
There were lots of things related to bio-diversity such as plants, seeds, flowers, planting with Rona and Rouge park and magazines that has tips on how we can be part of cultivating a green city.
We spent a lot of time at the Eco-zone which had lots of hand-on children friendly things to do. They had reptiles to touch. There were lots of playhouses and toys built with cardboard. Children mixed clay, soil and wildflower seeds and made seed balls to plant. I found out that there was corn-based glue from Elmer's. The ROM had organized a booth where we learned about some creatures found in the oceans in Canada.
We made cool fish using paper plates. The paper plate fish were made using...

paper plates
googly eyes
yarn to hang

Cut a triangle shape on one sides of the paper plate for the mouth. Staple this triangle piece on the opposite side, horizontally from where the cut was made for the tail.
Glue the googly eyes and decorate the fish. Punch a hole to hang the fish using yarn.
There were lots of organic and healthy food to taste. They had mushroom growing kits at the Organic Garage so we can try our hand at growing our own oyster mushrooms at home.

I was happy to see familiar products such as Green toysKicking horse coffeeOrganic MeadowThree Farmers Camelina oilTIFFRough park, ROM, WWF, and RONA. 

Organic and eco-friendly products have so many benefits to all of us, however they aren't very accessible. My hope is that it would become wide spread so people would be able to purchase these regularly for a reasonable price. Although, paying the extra cash makes us reluctant to take a step towards eco-friendly options, at the Green Living Show we felt that the long term cost would be less and the impact on the environment would also be less when we use eco-friendly products.

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April 10, 2012

Jill-e camera bag review and promotion

Jill-e camera bag
Jill-e carries fashionable functional bags that are very useful for all of us who love to carry our cameras and tech devices. They have a beautiful collection of designs, styles and sizes.

This stylish, versatile, feminine Everywear gadget bag comes in black and nougat; which will look fabulous with any outfit. We could fit quite a few things in this bag such as the DSLR camera with a small lens attached to it, extra lens, water bottle or umbrella, female belongings etc...

This classic collection Everywear bag is beautifully designed. The exterior of the bag is made with weather resistant nylon that is padded. It also has a top-grain leather trim.

When we carry this Everywear bag there is no need for an extra purse because the bag has slots to put credit cards within the interior, a zipper pocket to put coins/key, pens etc... This part is separated with a padded divider to protect the camera that will be in the main part of the bag. There are two separations in the main part to place lenses, water bottle or umbrella. There is a removable sleeve bag to place electronic devices such as the iPad.

In the exterior front of the bag there are two magnetic button pouch pockets that is easy and convenient to open. I like the buckle design of the pouch pockets. The bag has a zipper closure, which is more secure. On the back part of the bag there is a zipper pocket to place other belonging such as paper etc... The 9 1/2" drop handle is sturdy and comfortable. The bottom of the bag has small studs to allow the bag to sit well without wobbling.
Jill-e camera bag
If you like to place your DSLR camera without removing the big lens then check out their other designs and styles. Jill-e also carries a variety of bags for males under their Jack collection.

If you would like a 20% discount coupon to buy bags from Jill-e LIKE their Facebook page and email Jill-e mentioning you like them on FB and have seen this offer on Createwithmom. They will send you the coupon via email.
Jill-e camera bag
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April 4, 2012

Mark's work wearhouse Denver Hayes

Mark's work wearhouse, a Canadian clothing company that carries both men and women clothing and accessories from a variety of exclusive brands. Here is a review of two Denver Hayes products from the Mark's work wearhouse spring collection.
This perfectly pressed 3/4 sleeve fitted dress shirt is very classy. It can be worn for any occasion from business meetings to everyday casual wear. The fabric used for the shirt is breathable cotton that doesn't sweat. The olefin based stretch fiber retains the shirt's shape and recovers after wear. It is wrinkle free therefore no need to iron. It is an easy care shirt that can be machine washed and dried; the shirt stays crisp even after many washes. The neatly stitched feminine shirt has no puckering seams and as a tailored fit.

The sleeves can be either folded or kept down. There is lovely detailed design on the fabric when looked closer. It is available in sizes S-2XL and comes in black, white, lake blue and rosebud pink.

This Hyper-dri® HD1 is a beautiful, soft, comfortable trench coat. It would be perfect for this unpredictable spring weather. The coat comes in black, sage green, sesame brown and hollyhock pink which is available from S-2XL. It is a water repellent breathable jacket. The length of this trench coat is up to mid-thigh. I like the big buttons they have used on the coat; the buttons aren't visible because of the flap which also gives extra cover during windy days. There is detailed stitching in many areas of the coat. The lining cloth for the inside of the coat is soft and beautiful. There are two pockets outside and one inside which is very handy. This is a fabulous trench coat, which goes well with a variety of scarves.

I love the choice of colours and designs that are available at Mark's work wearhouse, which we can buy online or from the store. The quality of the clothing is worth investing on. It will also be enjoyed as gifts i.e. with mother's day coming soon :) do check it out.

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March 26, 2012

Sonsi clothing and accessories

We all like making fashion statements in some way or another and size shouldn't be a barrier. Sonsi is an online shopping and social destination that has clothing for plus size women. It is an award winning easy, fast, personalized shopping experience that sells all types of clothing. Women can determine their shape without measurements and customize it online. Sonsi has a variety of style and over 300 brands.

Follow Sonsi on Facebook and twitter to find fashionable clothing for all seasons. Their products are shipped International so start shopping from anywhere in the world :)
If you want to win a similar package of Sonsi products (accessories, clothing and jewelry), leave a comment on this post.
Updated: The giveaway winner is comment #6

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