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June 1, 2012

Eye Dig it™ and DeBug

We should all wear sunglasses while we are spending time outdoors. This eyewear from Dig it is a safety glass that protects our eyes from everyday UV rays.  

Eye dig it™ has high impact resistance lenses which meet the highest standard in the market. It doesn't slip and fits well while we play and work outdoors. The large lenses allow us to see without a problem. Eye dig it™ comes in two colours tortoise shell and black shades, which will go well with any attire :)  

The lenses are made with strong scratch resistant durable polycarbonate, which is an important feature especially when we use these as working glasses. These fashionable safety eye glasses can be worn anywhere i.e. gardening, driving, sports, wood working, constructions and DIY projects in the home.  It is not intended to replace safety glasses at hazardous construction sites.

It is easy to clean with mild soap and lukewarm water.  Like any other glasses it is breakable and if it has too many scratches that reduce vision we should replace it.

The  Eye dig it™ comes with an Oakley style soft microfiber storage bag, so we can clean our sunglasses when it is inside the pouch. Eye dig it™ can be purchased online and at these retailers.
DeBug is a deet free insect patch from Dig it, which will keep the mosquitos away from bugging us for 48 hours. DeBug insect repellent is all natural made with vitamin B thiamin. This is a solution for outdoors activities during the summer months and when travelling around the world :)

The carbon dioxide emitted from our bodies attracts mosquitos.  This DeBug patch neutralizes the odour and keeps the mosquitos away. DeBug is not greasy, water heat resistant, odourless, chemical free, quick and easy patch that circulates and is absorbed by our skin within 2 hours of using by transdermal processes.

The packs are sold in 2, 4 or 15 patches which are 2.25" x 2.25".  It cannot be cut and used because it will imbalance the effects. The patch can be used on children and adults. People with heavy body weight may need 2; it doesn't overdose because our bodies dispose excess vitamin B1.

The patch is effective on hairless skin and each time needs to be placed in a new area. The patch only works if it is exposed to air or skin. If you are allergic to adhesive tape or starch consult a doctor before using.  Although it doesn't interact (or not known to interact) with other medications or pregnancy please consult a doctor before using. 

I haven't used any type of insect repellent before, and have read about the dangers of Deet in other products that are not good for us.  DeBug is a deet free option to those who use insect repellents.     

Dig it products can be purchased online and in all these retailers.  I am enjoying Dig it products especially the dig it handwear and high five gloves.

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March 13, 2012

Dig it handwear and planting parsley

dig it garden gloves
Dig it handwear is a proper fit comfortable quality glove that can be worn throughout the year for many uses i.e. gardening, DIY projects, sweeping, cleaning, yard work, moving furniture, shovelling snow, washing the car etc...

Dig it handwear provides dexterity and comfort, as it fits perfectly allowing the hand and fingers to move flexibly to do the job. There won't be any reason to remove the gloves to do something because of discomfort. 
dig it garden gloves
The gloves are durable because it has a double protective layer. The palms of these gloves are made with synthetic leather, dots are silicon, the back fabric and fingertips inside are 100% polyester. The gloves are made with breathable fabric, which will not sweat the hands. The nails don't have direct contact with the gloves because of the pillow top built inside the gloves, which protect nails from dirt and debris. It also has a snug wrist synch, which keeps the water and debris from entering the hand. To clean the gloves rinse or hand wash with mild soap and cold water then lay it flat to air dry.

The Dig it handwear is a handy useful glove to have and will also be appreciated as a gift for anyone, female or male. The gloves come in S, M, L and XL; here is a link to the size chart. The package is also eco-consciously made with recycled material.

Dig it products are sold in USA and Canada stores and online.
dig it garden gloves
I planted some parsley seeds in the pots painted last summer...
You will need

Soak the seeds for 24 hours then plant the seeds 1/4" deep. Sprinkle some water and leave it in full sun by a warm windowsill or outside if the weather is warm (55 to 65 F). It will germinate in 18 to 24 days.
dig it garden gloves
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