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April 25, 2012

Bondi Bands

Bondi Bands are headbands for women, men, children and pets.  We can use it for fun, fashion or while running/sports.  Everyone will enjoy this band.  It has many functions such as keeping the sweat dripping while you are active, or for fashionable reasons where the headband will keep the hair out of the face.

I tried this fashion lycra headband.  It is very comfortable and soft.  Wearing the headbands for a long period of time doesn't irritate.  It stretches to fit the head of the person wearing. It is easy to care for it just hand wash and hang dry. Don't use fabric softener on their products.
The wicking hats can be washed by machine and dried in a dryer. All the products are made in USA.
I tried this fashion lycra headband.  My daughter and I, both like wearing this headband.  She loves wearing it all the time and so do I, we might have to get a few :)  They have a wide selection with many vibrant colours, patterns and plain ones.  We can wear the wide band by leaving it open, rolling them up or folding them in half.  So it can be worn a few different ways to suit the person's preference, style and outfit.

Bondi Band also carries swim caps, wicking ponytail and pigtail hats, regular wicking hats, neck gators and sweat towels. Their products are shipped to anywhere in the world. Bondi Bands are sold online and in some stores. They have two deals right now for headbands:  
Buy 3 get 1 free using the coupon code: ONE 
or buy 5 for $25 with the coupon code: FIVE.

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