August 26, 2012

Moroccan bangles and jewellery tips

One of my favourite pieces of jewelry are bangles and bracelets. I like the variety of unique jewelry designs at Housewives Jewelry. This beautiful Moroccan bangle set has a fun mix of 8 bangles made with enamel, brass, wood, glass and faux ivory bracelets.  I like the idea of wearing either all the bangles together, a few at a time or one at time.  These bangles are comfortable and strong, as it didn't bend when I wore them.  I also received lovely compliments about its beautiful design.

The Housewives jewelry bangles come in one size, except for the 5 matte gold bangles with Swarovski crystals that is designed for petit women. There are lots of fashionable necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets, rings and brooches available in an affordable price range.  These exquisite shapes and bold designs are perfect to wear for any occasion.  Housewives jewelry uses sterling silver plating, high quality CZs, 24 karat gold electroplating, rhodium and Swarovski elements, which makes it hard to separate from the real jewelry.  There are 30+ pieces in the product line, which is available to purchase online, on amazon, sears and shop by Bravo.  

Housewives jewelry was originally made for upscale clients to use as "travel jewelry" because they didn't want to risk loosing their fine costly pieces. These jewelry pieces are designed by Nancy Rosen, who is known for her expertise in accessories and transforming a suiting look with the right jewelry. Usually many women stick to a certain type of style they like, while others change it depending on their mood, occasion, place, function etc...  Nancy says that there are no rules in accessorizing, however these guidelines from her will help.

  • Keep the style of pieces you're wearing relatively consistent such as matching the pieces together with the same themes or products it is made with i.e. match the leather bracelet with earthy earrings; if you are wearing a crystal necklace then match it with an equally glamorous bracelet etc.
  • Mix the expensive pieces with less expensive costume pieces, which are in the same style.  
  • Wearing too much jewelry at once will not look good; a little goes a long way. 
Ladies and girls of any age will like these pieces of jewelry. It would also make lovely gifts.  Use the code CREATEWITHMOM to get a 40% discount on your first purchase online.
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  1. Oooooh and a promo code. Will have to check them out. I have a new found love affair with jewellery!

  2. Oh I'll have to check this out, I have super tiny wrists!

  3. I love bangles, and these are so pretty. Wonder if they take paypal? I am heading over there right now:)

  4. I'm going to check this out...these are beautiful! Thanks for the discount code!

  5. I LOVE bangles....and these look so pretty...great for indian and western cloths...going to check out the website now!

  6. These are gorgeous. Not showing to my girls who will want to steal mine. Planning to go buy some soon. Cheers.

  7. very interesting....I am not a jewelry fan myself though

  8. Lovely! This is just my mom's style. Bookmarking for Christmas, thanks!


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