June 16, 2012

Mark's wearhouse clothes for Father's day

Mark's has high quality clothes that are affordable, comfortable and will last long.  My husband enjoys this attractive :) double layered vintage shirt from Denver Hayes.  This shirt has a unique design with two different contrasting materials that shows in the inside of the shirt, at the cuff, collar and the bottom.  We like the design and how it looks when it dressed.  He feels really comfortable wearing the shirt that is made with 100% washable cotton.  It is a good shirt for everyday casual wear and comes in sizes S to 2XL.  
He likes to wear this Denver Hayes driWear workout pants when he is cycling and exercising.  It is comfortable to wear during all types of sports.  My husband likes the relaxed fit of the pants and the elastic waistband that doesn't have zips, buttons or ties; this is a really useful feature during active sports.  It fits well and the pants aren't tight looking so he feels and looks good wearing it.  He likes the ease of moving with the pant as the material made with 88% nylon and 12% spandex is stretchy.  The pants have two side pockets and 2 flap closure pockets on the back. 
According to my husband, this driWear tiger stripe active polo t-shirt is comfortable and light on the body.  This stylish t-shirt is good for outdoor activities, causal wear and for sports.  The 100% polyester t-shirt keeps the moisture out and stretches for better fit and movement.  This short-sleeve t-shirt has a collar with 3-button closure at the neck.  The striped pattern blends in and looks good.  The tag says not to put dry sheets or fabric softener when drying.    

Both the workout pants and the t-shirt uses one-way moisture management system that keeps the body dry from outside environment such as water spills and rain.  It doesn't allow the water to enter thru the clothing and keeps the moisture away from the skin as it vapours it out, so the person wearing feels dry and comfortable.  It also uses FreshTech technology that prevents the growth of odour causing microbes and stain causing bacteria.  This is a very useful feature when we are active and staying outdoors especially during this season.  These driWear clothing are tag less, which is comfortable during play.   
We usually take advantage of the sales and bought this Wind River 360° FlexTech waist side elastic hiker pants during the Father's day sale last Thursday.  Clothing from Mark's will be a good gift for dad, so take advantage of the online and in-store sales.  

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