June 7, 2012

eShakti: Online personal dressmaker

eShakti is like our own personal tailor/ dressmaker online, how cool and convenient is that.  eShakti makes custom clothing according to the customer's personal preferred style and size.   We can change  the dress to fit our own style and preference of sleeve, necklines and length.  
There are lots of choices on the site, which is changed at least twice a week; so if you see something you like make your pick soon.  

The clothing is made in India and posted from there.  The dressmaker ensures that it fits us in a flattering manner according to the measurements we choose.  I like that we can modify the size and preferred style.  I liked the material, lining and the neat stitching on this dress.  The clothes had labels identifying the company eShakti, the size of the dress and how to care for it.  The side zip is helpful to remove and put the dress, as this dress is put over the head.  It would be nice if they include a few different prints of material for us to choose from.

To better their service and help us make a good choice, I would like if eShakti has real people wearing the clothing on their images.  This will help us know how it will fit on us.  It is hard to imagine how the dress will look with the types of pictures they have.  

I chose this wildflower cowl dress in my size and style.  Initially, I didn't like it as much as I liked it when I ordered it online.  I didn't realize that this dress I chose had a split that started from the waist, if I had known this by looking at the images, I wouldn't have chosen it.  The brief description on the site isn't very helpful to make choices.
I would have also liked if the cowl on the dress is more prominent on me just like how the picture looks.  I will have to do some minor adjustments has I don't like the darts on the back of the dress.

Once we place the order, after a few days we will get an email with the tracking number of the product.  After I ordered the product, it came within two weeks.  eShakti has a return policy that can be sent to a location in the USA.  As I am in Canada, returns could be a hassle with expensive postage fees.  However those in USA would find it favourable.

This is definitely a unique online service that makes beautiful women's clothing such as dresses, blouses, pants and skirts.  They also have beautiful accessories to go with the clothes.  If I were to choose another product from eShakti I would make a wiser choice :)

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