June 10, 2012

Architec kitchen gadgets

Architec kitchen gadgets are functional and trendy, which would be suitable for any type of kitchen.  The design is well though out for our convenience.  These cool gadgets are sold at all these retailers.

I like the style of this prepscolander.  The handles are comfortable to hold.  This colander comes in 1Qt and 4 Qt.  The base has a gripper, so it won't slide.  It is easy to clean, can also be put in the dishwasher.  The extra wide flare top makes it easy to transfer content without spilling.  Children would enjoy this prepscolander when they are helping in the kitchen, as the size is small enough for their little hands.  It is lightweight and unbreakable.  
When my 3 year old son saw this colander, he looked at it and said, "This is a good size for me to use... (silent pause) and play with :)"
1Qt colander, 11" x 14" Gripper and barboard

These unique cutting boards come in trendy colours.  The boards have non-slip gripper base, so it doesn't move or slide when we cut.  The grips don't leave marks on the counter.  I really like the design and the safety feature.  It is easy to clean, can also be placed in the dishwasher.  The boards are made out of food grade material, which will not dull the blades of the knives.  
The barboard is 5" x 7", it is convenient to take on our summer BBQ trips :) and perfect for the small jobs in the kitchen such as cutting lemons.
I have stopped using my wooden cutting board as I really like this gripper board.  This gripperboard is the large version of the barboards.  It comes in 8" x 11" and 11" x 14".  
The boards can be stored conveniently in the cupboards or hung to show off the cool looking gripper side, which makes a unique colourful deco in the kitchen.
The Stretch hot cooking bands can be used in place of butcher twine, string and toothpick.  These disposable reusable cooking bands create less garbage.  The package is designed to store and hold the bands, which can be reused.  It also has a L-Hook and stands on the shelf for convenience and display.  The bands stretch to fit our task.

The HotGrips have two sides, which can be used as a silicone trivet and potholder.  It takes less space to store.  It can also be hung as it has a hole on the top.  As the HotGrips use gripper traction technology it holds the pots safely.  This dishwasher safe HotGrips made out of silicone can hold up to 600F.  It comes in 4 beautiful colours.

I like this cute recipe card holder to keep on the counter to hold quick notes, grocery list and reminders.  It is intended to hold a maximum of 8 pages and recipe cards.  Hope the company will find a way to hold the magnetic ball to the holder so we won't lose it.
Anyone using Architec products will find it cool, unique and appreciate the colourful functional design of their products.  

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  1. I loved this recipe card holder...all the kitchen accessories are so useful! Great!!

  2. recipe card holder is amazing. i will buy that

  3. They seem to have thought of everything.


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