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December 4, 2012

Holiday gifts and ideas from Henry's

Henry's has been Canada's largest independent camera and accessories retailer since 1909.  This family owned and operated business has lots of up-to-date new products in their stores across Canada.  We have relied on Henry's in the past for our camera needs and we continue to do so today.

There are so many holiday gifts at Henry's for the whole family.  Here are some ideas...
  • They have many compact to advanced high performing cameras such as the nostalgic Fuji Instax Mini 7S that has easy to carry films so we can snap pictures anywhere and develop it instantly.
  • The Samsung Wi-Fi camera allows us to transfer photos and videos to all social media networks because of its built-in technology.
  • There are lots of tripods in a variety of sizes.
  • DIY arts and crafts i.e. Pinhole Camera and other creative things such as the Film Roll Sticky Notes.
  • Photo gloves like the Lowepro gloves is useful as it absorbs moisture and keep our fingers soft and warm during the cold weather so we can take pictures outdoors.
  • Henry's private and group Imagining workshops cater to our photography needs.
  • If you don't know what to pick get a gift card from Henry's, I am sure anyone receiving the gift card will have ton of things that they want :)
Henry's also has a fabulous selection of bags such as this Jo-Totes Betsy bag.  I really like the fashionable, functional design of this bag.  
The designer of the bag has realized that not everyone has the same equipment because we can adjust the velcro of the three interior pads and make compartments that suits our needs, or simply leave them out.  The numerous pockets in the bag allow us to store anything we want i.e. cameras, lenses, wallets, tablet/iPad, notepad and more.  The almost hidden zippered front flap is a perfect place to put paper, book, pen and other stationaries.  The bag also has a zippered back, which will fit the iPad or other thin laptops.  The front pockets have hidden magnetic closures that make it easy for us to put other belongings.  The main compartment has a zipper closure.  This bag is 11" high, 15.5" wide and 4" deep.  The shoulder pad and straps are adjustable and removable.
I find this bag very useful, as I like taking my camera, all the lenses, other equipment and belongings with me when I go out.  I think this bag is wonderful to use during any season especially winter because of the zips and quality of the soft faux leather.  This bag looks trendy and goes well with any outfit.  The bag is available in dark brown or mustard.  We can carry the bag anyway we want cross-body or in a shoulder strap.  The bag itself is lightweight so when the camera is put inside it, it is not heavy or awkward to carry.  The cotton interior fabric and the protective foam sewn into the lining of all four sides and the bottom keeps our lenses and camera safe.  
I think anyone who likes to be trendy and enjoy taking their camera everywhere they go will really benefit and find this bag, which is available at Henry's to a be a wonderful gift.

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November 26, 2012

Tilley apparel goes anywhere

Tilley apparel has existed for over 30 years.  Over these years they have evolved because of their committed focus on innovation, fabrics and design.  The team at Tilley are constantly looking for the latest engineered modern fabrications that make durable, versatile, easy to wear and care clothes and accessories that are also trendy and fashionable. 

With Tilley apparel we can travel light with one bag.  My father-in-law is a frequent traveler that sticks to his policy of travelling light and with only one bag; this is something I always hear from him as he encourages us to do the same :)  I agree with him and believe that when travelling we should be comfortable and clothes should be the last thing on the worry list.  Having clothes that we can trust, which will not tear or wear easy is the best way to not worry about clothes :)

Tilley Endurables started in 1980 by Alex Tilley after he developed the original Tilley Hat (T1).  Alex Tilley is a self-employed art consultant and avid sailor who made this T1 hat because he was tired of his sailing hats getting blown off his head, sinking and shrinking.
All the clothing and hats except for the TF2 Fur Felt Fedora hat and socks are made in Canada.  Although this TF2 Fur Felt Fedora hat and socks are made in the US, they follow the specifications of Tilley's standards.  When I browsed through the clothing at Tilley Endurables I liked the quality and collection of the lightweight clothing and the idea of wearing the same clothes in different ways.  These clothes are supposed to be comfortable to wear for travel and for everyday use.  
I found the prices a little on the expensive side, but I guess we pay a little more as an investment for the quality of the products.  Tilley stands behind its quality and guarantee us that all their hats expect the Raffia and clothing such as their Drummer Legends items are guaranteed for life and the socks are guaranteed to be hole free for 3 years.  Since Tilley products are durable and washable, they are environmentally friendly and sustainable.  

Tilley donates discontinued fabrics to NGOs to use for other projects. Every holiday season, Tilley has a tradition of supporting the Sir Edmund Hilary Foundation that is dedicated to help improve the lives of the Sherpa people in Nepal, and they sell the Baby Yeti soft toy for $7 and the Mom and Dad Yetis for $14 each.  
There are lots of unique features in the fabric that Tilley uses in their products, however features vary depending on the clothing and apparel.  Some of the features include fast drying, wrinkle resistant, lightweight, water repellent, washable, colour fastness, UV rated at UPF 50+ which is the maximum rating that offers sun protection etc.  Tilley products are designed by an in-house team that is inspired by travel trends and suggestions from customers i.e. their Intrepid bag with the brown vintage, hand-distressed leather and Italian buckles was based on a WWII bag suggested by a client.  

I liked the spacious layout and creative decor throughout the store as there are photographs, wooden carvings and other unique things from around the world that are interesting to look at.  I like the unique style of the fitting rooms as each room had a name of a country on the outside and inside there was a scenic picture from the country mentioned.  
Although Tilley is mostly known for travel clothing, they are moving from this and making fashionable clothes for everyday wear for all types of body shapes and sizes so Tilley products are appealing to globetrotters and backyard adventures alike.  They are the leading manufacture of high quality hats in Canada and across the globe.  There are seven family owned stores in Canada and more than 2600 retailers in 18 countries sell their hats.

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April 10, 2012

Jill-e camera bag review and promotion

Jill-e camera bag
Jill-e carries fashionable functional bags that are very useful for all of us who love to carry our cameras and tech devices. They have a beautiful collection of designs, styles and sizes.

This stylish, versatile, feminine Everywear gadget bag comes in black and nougat; which will look fabulous with any outfit. We could fit quite a few things in this bag such as the DSLR camera with a small lens attached to it, extra lens, water bottle or umbrella, female belongings etc...

This classic collection Everywear bag is beautifully designed. The exterior of the bag is made with weather resistant nylon that is padded. It also has a top-grain leather trim.

When we carry this Everywear bag there is no need for an extra purse because the bag has slots to put credit cards within the interior, a zipper pocket to put coins/key, pens etc... This part is separated with a padded divider to protect the camera that will be in the main part of the bag. There are two separations in the main part to place lenses, water bottle or umbrella. There is a removable sleeve bag to place electronic devices such as the iPad.

In the exterior front of the bag there are two magnetic button pouch pockets that is easy and convenient to open. I like the buckle design of the pouch pockets. The bag has a zipper closure, which is more secure. On the back part of the bag there is a zipper pocket to place other belonging such as paper etc... The 9 1/2" drop handle is sturdy and comfortable. The bottom of the bag has small studs to allow the bag to sit well without wobbling.
Jill-e camera bag
If you like to place your DSLR camera without removing the big lens then check out their other designs and styles. Jill-e also carries a variety of bags for males under their Jack collection.

If you would like a 20% discount coupon to buy bags from Jill-e LIKE their Facebook page and email Jill-e mentioning you like them on FB and have seen this offer on Createwithmom. They will send you the coupon via email.
Jill-e camera bag
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