September 9, 2012

HairThingz giveaway

My daughter enjoyed wearing these HairThingz and liked hearing a lot of compliments about how pretty it looked.  Many of her friends wanted to know where to get these unique, stylish hair accessory. 

My daughter is not a person who likes having hair accessories on for a long period of time, however she enjoyed having these HairThingz on her hair as it didn't bother her.  HairThingz stay put despite all the running, jumping and cartwheels :) without sliding or loosening; this is a big bonus as we don't have to keep adjusting the hair.  HairThingz keeps the hair neatly away from the face.  It is waterproof and is wonderful to have on while swimming. 

We can layer, link, stretch and twist the HairThingz.  All we have to do is twist the parts of the hair we want to insert the accessory in and put it any way we like.  
Even when HairThingz are removed after several hours, it retains its original spiral shape so we can use it again.  The package comes with basic instructions and styles.  There are many different styles we can use the HairThingz; it is only limited by our imagination.  
It is easy to remove as this accessory doesn't tug or damage the hair, when used carefully.  
We like the pretty colours these cute fun tube-like hair accessories come in.  There are 4 different themed packages; pretty princess, Sunburst, Super Star and Cupcake.  Each package has 12 pieces with 4 different colours.  HairThingz are made in USA with safe quality plastic that is free of BPA and heavy metals, which will not chip, crack or break.  

This useful, colourful, easy to put, fun, imaginative product will please all the girls and parents.  I enjoyed having HairThingz on my hair as well; it isn't only for your little one :) 
Check these videos, which shows how easy it is to use and remove.

HairThingz are available at all these stores in the US and online.  Use the code TORVIEW to get 40% of your purchase.
If you want to win a package of HairThingz, please leave a comment on this post and enter through the rafflecopter below.  The giveaway is open to people in Canada and US, ends on September 25th.
Update: The winner is Stephanie
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