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November 15, 2012

Adventures for little ones from Shout! Factory

My little pony is one of my children's favourite toys so we are excited about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Adventures in the Crystal Empire coming on DVD December 4th.  

This DVD is about the magical empire that appears in the arctic north of Equestria.  Princess Celestia needs Twilight Sparkle and her friends to find a way to protect their empire.  

The DVD has 5 episodes from the Friendship is Magic series, which are 
*The Crystal Empire, Part 1
*The Crystal Empire, Part 2
*Sonic Rainboom
*Luna Eclipsed
*It's About Time
and bonus features that include sing along and colouring sheets.  
We can preorder this DVD on Amazon so it will be available on time to give as gifts :).
Watch for Littlest Pet Shop: Little Pets, Big Adventure that will be available on January 15th.  We can already start to preorder this first DVD collection based on Hasbro's popular Littlest Pet Shop brand toys.  This animated series premiered on November 10th on Hub TV in the US.  
Littlest Pet Shop is an animated half-hour comedy series that follows Blythe Baxter and her father as they move into a Big City apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop store, which is an amazing day camp for pets of all kinds including a doggie diva, dancing gecko, a sweet, adorable panda and others. 
The real adventure begins when Blythe discovers that she can understand and talk to all of the pets. Blythe joins the pets on fantastical adventures that include uproarious song and dance sequences.     

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October 7, 2012

Nerf Firevision Sports Football

Football fans in our home enjoy playing with this Nerf Firevision Sports football during daytime and in the dark. This innovative line of sports gear uses Microprism technology that generates a glow even in the light. We enjoyed playing with this football wearing the cool frames eyewear.  For the lights to come on we have to press the lights on the bridge of the eyewear to see the reflective graphics and skins on the football.  Only those wearing the frames eyewear can see the action once the lights are out. We can either play a friendly or a competitive game, this football that can be thrown more than 30m range.
It works with batteries, so we don't have to charge it. Each set includes two frames eyewear and the Firevision football. This Firevision sports gear is for anyone over the age of 6 years and  it is available in toy stores.

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September 21, 2012

Twister game

Twister Dance is an innovative game that combines dance music with the classic Twister spots.  It allows the whole family, especially girls to move their feet to the coloured spots on the floor that coordinate with the multi-coloured LED lights on the Dance console.  Players can rock the spots to their own music choices by connecting any mp3 player to the Dance console; this makes it more challenging and fun every time they play. 
This game is aimed for children age 8+ and is available at toy stores.
It includes 8 moveable, iconic Twister spots (4 per player), Dance console with superior sound quality and bright, multi- colour LED lights, MP3 connector cord, and 5 pre-programmed dance songs.  It includes 4 AA batteries.

My children like the different music that were already there.  They also enjoyed connecting with the iPod and mp3 player to dance to their favourite music.  My daughter was wondering why the LED light had purple colour flashing, when there wasn't a purple colour Twister spot.  My children liked having fun with this game for a long time.  My daughter was telling me that this is a good game because she gets to do her exercise through this.  It is a fun way for the family to spend time together.
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August 12, 2012

Making bulletin boards, My little pony and Power Rangers

My little pony is one of my children's favourite.  They were excited to watch My little pony friendship is magic: royal pony wedding on DVD.  The movie is available to purchase since August 7th.  This movie from Shout! Factory is made in collaboration with Hasbro Studios.  
There are 5 episodes:
A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1
A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2
Hearts And Hooves Day
Sweet & Elite
The Best Night Ever
Here are some printable colouring sheets and activities.
The DVD can be bought on Amazon, the series is currently airing on Hub TV network in the US.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 Volume 1 will be out on DVD August 21st.  There are 3 discs 30 episodes that is over 10 hours of family friendly entertainment.  
You can preorder on Amazon and ShoutFactory.  I watched Power Rangers growing up with my siblings and I enjoyed watching it with my children.
The Lorax has also been out since August 7th.  We attended the kids workshop at Home Depot to make these bulletin boards and coloured Lorax themed art.  
Children made Framed Bulletin Boards using a kit... to make it at home you will need the material below, which can be bought at hardware and craft stores.

1 top and 1 bottom framing piece (look at the picture for a better idea)
2 side framing pieces
1 cork board
4 long nails
2 short nails
1 sawtooth hanger

1. Attach one of the long sides (top) to the width side, using a nail and a hammer.
2. Insert the cork board into the slot and put the other long (bottom) piece over it and attach it with a nail.
3. Push the framing piece on the cork board and nail it.
4. Lay the board facing down and use 2 small short nails to attach the sawtooth hanger.

Start pinning :)

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July 22, 2012

Solar Recon Koosh: From the makers of Nerf

Koosh galaxy Solar recon ball launcher is a fun glow in the dark blaster that children over the age of 4 will enjoy.   
It is perfect for little hands and easy to operate, just slide the handle to the back and then forward to blast the ball.  The balls glow in the dark, so keep them in a well lit area to get the maximum glow in the dark power.  This blaster comes with 4 glow in the dark balls.  We can add a koosh ball clip to have more balls.  
It doesn't have to be totally dark to see the glowing balls, so play in a safe lit area or a place without any obstacles.  The electronic lights and sounds works with 3 batteries, when the toy is not in use it goes to standby mode.  My son loves the sound of this toy.  

We definitely need more than one of these toys in our home because my daughter likes to aim the blaster at the wall to see the balls bouncing back.  As always make sure the blasters are not aimed at the face even though the balls are made with soft foam.  Make sure to tell children not to insert any other balls into the toy.
These koosh toys are available at these toy retail stores.

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July 10, 2012

Spiderman toys

Hasbro has lots of toys to go with the Marvel entertainment and Columbia pictures release of The Amazing Spiderman, which released in theatres on July 3rd.
These innovative toys and action figures were really enjoyed by my children as they will like to role play with superhero toys.

The lizard figure, spider web battlers and mission spidey action figures are fun to play with and reenact.  
This spider strike battle racer vehicle comes with a spiderman figure toy and web claw that allows spiderman to swing as he attaches in the web glider over the front of the hood.  This car is really cool.  The package needs an adult to assemble, no tools required.  
The hero mask is for everyone over 5 years.  It is very comfortable because the inside is padded.  The velcro adjusts to fit the person's head, so siblings and parents can join the fun.
The Mega blaster web shooter that comes with the spiderman glove is fun as we shoot web strings.  The one size glove is 100% polyester.  The web shooter stays put because of the velcro strap.  The web fluid comes in a container that can be discarded when it finishes and replace it or use the water canister by filling water.  The web fluid is intended for children over the age of 5.  
These toys are well thought out by Hasbro, which will be enjoyed by your superhero wannabes.

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July 4, 2012

Hasbro toys Preview event 2012

My children and I enjoyed all the toys at the Hasbro 2012 event.  My kids tested almost all the toys that were there, and they got attached to many of the toys.  There were lots of our old favourites made new, hope you get to check all these toys at your toy stores.  It is pretty hard to make a choice with the variety that is available, so make the list for holiday shopping soon :)

May 17, 2012

Battleship: The battle for Earth begins at Sea

Hasbro has created many action-packed toys, KRE-O building sets and a line of licensed goods inspired around the Universal Studio movie, Battleship.  
This movie directed by Peter Berg, will be in theatres on May 18th.  We are excited and looking forward to watch the movie. 

My children and we were excited to see the battleship toys in this cool box.  This Hasbro packaging will definitely be reused as my son has already started storing his treasure in it.  To start him off there was a Hasbro battleship dog tag necklace.  There are holographic radar screen pictures printed inside the box and a red "fire" button to press where we can hear submarine sonar sounds.  

It is exciting to build these KRE-O brick sets.  The children helped their dad build this cool set and it was wonderful to see it come together :)  The only con is that the bricks come apart a little too easy so while playing and moving we have to be careful.  My children were using their imagination to play with the toys and figures that came in these sets.  
The sets have clear colourful instructions, which are easy to follow.  All the parts come in small packages.  Once completed the KRE-O battleship sets make a lovely display.  
The sets are for children over the age of 6, some sets are for 7+ and some for 8+.  The price of the sets varies from $10 to $80 available at these retailers.  
The 2012 KRE-O battleship line includes: The ocean attack set, land defense battle pack, combat chopper set, alien strike set, mine stryker set, air assault set, battle base set and U.S.S Missouri set.  

Hasbro has created a classic battleship movie edition game.  They have instruction on how to play the game in different ways.  The goal is to sink the opponent's fleet before they sink yours.  Although it is a two-person game we can play it in two teams if we wish.  This new version has special op cards.  
This classic game comes in two folding hard cases, which makes it convenient to take on trips and transport.  There is a little drawer on each case to store the pegs, ships and cards.  I like this feature as it saves the pieces from getting lost.  Initially, I found it hard to remove the ships from the slots.  This game is for children over seven because it involves reading and there are little pieces.  Hasbro also has Deluxe battleship electronic edition and hidden threat card game.  

We enjoyed the battleship game and building the KRE-O building sets.  Children over the age of 7 will enjoy these toys as they recreate the movie and use their imagination.  These games and building sets would be lovely gifts and a good activity to do during family time and quiet play time.    

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May 9, 2012

Hasbro Nerf super soakers

I am glad the weather is getting warmer and we are spending a lot more time outdoors.  Water play is always a fun activity for children and adults especially during warm weather.  These Nerf super soakers from Hasbro are adventurous and fun for everyone.  

The Hasbro Nerf super soakers look sleek and have a strong design.  I like the choice of colours they have used for the soakers.  These soakers are meant for anyone over the age of 6 years so use your own discretion if you want young children to play with it.  Use only tap water and don't aim at eyes or face to avoid injury.  Don't submerge the soakers into the water.

Tornado strike water clip holds 300ml water and aims 6 m. Our favourite part of this soaker is that when we shoot the water it spins through its special spinning barrel.  This tornado strike doesn't require batteries because we have to pump to blast water.  The detachable stock can be adjusted depending on the persons reach.  It has a tactical rail that is compatible with other super soakers.  I wish the water clips hold more than 300ml of water.  However, we can buy more water clips separately to quickly reload so we can have fun without stopping to refill the water :) The water clips attach to our belts so it is convenient during playtime.
Electrostorm blaster super soaker aims up to 7.5 meters. This motorized full auto soaker doesn't require pumping, just pull the trigger and start soaking.  This small soaker holds 76 ml of water so we had to practice aiming at the target correctly when needed so we aren't wasting time filling it up and missing the action.  It needs a little practice and patience to aim and wait for the correct time/ opportunity to start soaking the target :) The only downside is that it needs 4 batteries and a philips cross head screwdriver, which is not included in the package.

Lightning storm blaster holds 1L of water and aims a distance of 7.6 meters.  This powerful soaker requires 4 batteries.  This motorized super soaker is fully automatic no pumping required just pull the trigger to soak.  The water clips from the tornado strike can be put in place of the drum.  It has a detachable stock that enhances accuracy when blasting.  The blast shield is a lovely feature that blocks incoming water from other shooters.  It also has a tactical rail. The soaker comes with instructions.

There are many other soakers such as hydro cannon, scatter blast, point break and microbursts. The super soakers are available at superstores, Toys R Us, Zellers and Walmart. The weather is getting warmer so get yourself one of these Hasbro Nerf soakers and start having fun with friends and family outdoors.

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March 18, 2012

Start a tradition with games

1/4 cup popcorn
1 tbsp maple syrup

Put the popcorn in a brown paper bag, fold the top of the bag, about 2" on the top. Microwave it for 2 minutes. Put the popcorn in a bowl and toss with maple syrup. Be careful popcorn maybe hot. This would be a lovely homemade snack to have with children... when you are having a family fun night or day :)

Hasbro has a variety of games for our preschoolers i.e. Memory game, Candy land, Chutes and Ladders, Hungry hungry hippos. All these games encourage taking turns, sharing, following rules; which are all important skills for preschoolers and young children to learn so they can be ready for school.

The Memory game is a matching puzzle game with 72 vibrant picture cards. Candy land is another fun game for children over 3 years. It has coloured cards and fun pictures that the children will love. The players have to go through fun destinations like mountains full of chocolate and get to the castle first to win this game.

Chutes and ladder is similar to the traditional snakes and ladders; instead of the dice there is a spin wheel with 6 numbers. It is easier for young children to look and start counting and learn their numbers up to 100. It too has lovely illustrations on the board.

Hungry hungry hippos is a toy game for children over 4 years of age or older because it has small marble sized balls. A maximum of 4 players get to press and collect has many marbles they can with their hippo. Children will have lots of fun pressing and collecting the marble with their colourful hippos.

Take the time to have fun with these Hasbro board games as a family and create lasting memories.

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March 4, 2012

Think outside of the box with Hasbro

Spring is almost here and many of will be buying egg shaped chocolates for the little ones to give as gifts and to stuff baskets. Instead of giving chocolates why not give play-doh that comes in an egg shape container.

This play-doh comes in cute containers shaped like a bunny and a chick, which also has the stamp on the bottom to create chicks and carrots.

Mr. Potato head is always a favourite with little ones over the age of 2.

Think outside the basket this year :)

I created this image using my memories scrapbook software which I won from Creative mind. Thank you Khadija.

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February 21, 2012

Hasbro family game night

Hasbro games bring families together, entertain and make memories. They bring the old favourites and classics in new style :) I love the classics like Scrabble that teaches vocabulary, Monopoly that teaches about money, and Cranium brain breaks has lots of mini games. Hasbro has lots of family games, which are affordable, lasts long allowing us to start our collection at home, and handy to take on trips.