May 17, 2012

Battleship: The battle for Earth begins at Sea

Hasbro has created many action-packed toys, KRE-O building sets and a line of licensed goods inspired around the Universal Studio movie, Battleship.  
This movie directed by Peter Berg, will be in theatres on May 18th.  We are excited and looking forward to watch the movie. 

My children and we were excited to see the battleship toys in this cool box.  This Hasbro packaging will definitely be reused as my son has already started storing his treasure in it.  To start him off there was a Hasbro battleship dog tag necklace.  There are holographic radar screen pictures printed inside the box and a red "fire" button to press where we can hear submarine sonar sounds.  

It is exciting to build these KRE-O brick sets.  The children helped their dad build this cool set and it was wonderful to see it come together :)  The only con is that the bricks come apart a little too easy so while playing and moving we have to be careful.  My children were using their imagination to play with the toys and figures that came in these sets.  
The sets have clear colourful instructions, which are easy to follow.  All the parts come in small packages.  Once completed the KRE-O battleship sets make a lovely display.  
The sets are for children over the age of 6, some sets are for 7+ and some for 8+.  The price of the sets varies from $10 to $80 available at these retailers.  
The 2012 KRE-O battleship line includes: The ocean attack set, land defense battle pack, combat chopper set, alien strike set, mine stryker set, air assault set, battle base set and U.S.S Missouri set.  

Hasbro has created a classic battleship movie edition game.  They have instruction on how to play the game in different ways.  The goal is to sink the opponent's fleet before they sink yours.  Although it is a two-person game we can play it in two teams if we wish.  This new version has special op cards.  
This classic game comes in two folding hard cases, which makes it convenient to take on trips and transport.  There is a little drawer on each case to store the pegs, ships and cards.  I like this feature as it saves the pieces from getting lost.  Initially, I found it hard to remove the ships from the slots.  This game is for children over seven because it involves reading and there are little pieces.  Hasbro also has Deluxe battleship electronic edition and hidden threat card game.  

We enjoyed the battleship game and building the KRE-O building sets.  Children over the age of 7 will enjoy these toys as they recreate the movie and use their imagination.  These games and building sets would be lovely gifts and a good activity to do during family time and quiet play time.    

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  1. Boys r always the same they love these cars,ship,bikes....anyways seems so interesting for adults too nice one

  2. Sounds like a cool little toy for boys!


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