May 17, 2012

Buoy tags: Labels for Apple Cables

Cables are the hardest to organize, especially when it comes to Apple cables which looks similar.  These Buoy tags are a solution to this problem.  It clears the clutter and helps us keep the cables neat and tidy.  It also helps us identify what the cables are for and whom it belongs to.

In a family where many members own similar Apple products, these cable tags help avoid arguments and confusion on who the cable belongs to.  And these tags are definitely helping us :)  
These cables would be good in schools and offices to help identify and protect the cables from getting lost.

The package comes with a set of pre-printed letters and colour swatches that can be placed into the clear plastic part of the tag.  We can also customize and personalize our own letters and colours using the these templates.

There are two small pieces of plastic that snap together to hold the cable.  It is pretty simple and comes with clear instructions on how to place the tags.  We select the initials or colour swatches we prefer then place it face down in the transparent portion of the tag.  Then we place the cable on the red part of the tag and snap the transparent part of the tag over it with the cable in-between the tags.  
We can move the tags after placing to any position we like.  There is a video on the Buoy Tag site to show how the tags work.  I would prefer if there were more than 3 tags in a pack.  These Apple cable tags are available to purchase online

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  1. Cables are a pain. And anything that can prevent the cluttered look is most welcome


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