February 21, 2012

Hasbro family game night

Hasbro games bring families together, entertain and make memories. They bring the old favourites and classics in new style :) I love the classics like Scrabble that teaches vocabulary, Monopoly that teaches about money, and Cranium brain breaks has lots of mini games. Hasbro has lots of family games, which are affordable, lasts long allowing us to start our collection at home, and handy to take on trips.

Make game night a fun family tradition by setting a time, having a little competition by keeping score, and inviting some friends and family.
The Hasbro site also has few easy fun recipes to try when hosting the family game night.
Here is recipe idea adapted from their site... Chocolate banana popsicles
1 firm banana
2 tbsp chocolate chip melted *
1 tbsp cream
sprinkles, nuts or coconut
popsicle sticks

Cut the banana in half, push a popsicle stick half way and place in a waxed paper. Melt the chocolate chips on high for 30 seconds in the microwave, then add the cream and mix. Dip the bananas in the chocolate, then add sprinkles, nuts or coconut and place it on the baking sheet. Keep in the fridge until it sets. This serves 2. If you want it to be like a popsicle then freeze it for 2 hours instead.
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  1. I always try to get my husband to play games and he refuses. Whenever I can convince him he ends up winning and I get mad. I am very competitive. I think it might be best that we just stick with the bananas. Those look delicious and would make my evening.

  2. I love board games--absolutely love them. The popsicle photo in front of the Scrabble tiles is adorable!

  3. i LOVE board games!!! sounds like a picture perfect evening! (hugs)

  4. J'ai déjà fait cette recette et elle est fantastique:) Bon jeudi!!xxx

  5. We used to do a family night even though we don't have kids. Now we try to make time once a week since the guys got promotions and have turned more busy. Playing games together is just relaxing.

  6. Word games. Anytime. Any hour. such a delightful way to improve vocabulary - and as you say it makes for good family bonding time

  7. Ive seen marshmallows made like these, my boys love them, never thought of making bananas like this. Thanks for sharing . I know my boys will love them!

  8. I think board games are great for bringing families together for some fun. Love the banana idea!

  9. game night is a great way to catch up on things


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