July 22, 2012

Solar Recon Koosh: From the makers of Nerf

Koosh galaxy Solar recon ball launcher is a fun glow in the dark blaster that children over the age of 4 will enjoy.   
It is perfect for little hands and easy to operate, just slide the handle to the back and then forward to blast the ball.  The balls glow in the dark, so keep them in a well lit area to get the maximum glow in the dark power.  This blaster comes with 4 glow in the dark balls.  We can add a koosh ball clip to have more balls.  
It doesn't have to be totally dark to see the glowing balls, so play in a safe lit area or a place without any obstacles.  The electronic lights and sounds works with 3 batteries, when the toy is not in use it goes to standby mode.  My son loves the sound of this toy.  

We definitely need more than one of these toys in our home because my daughter likes to aim the blaster at the wall to see the balls bouncing back.  As always make sure the blasters are not aimed at the face even though the balls are made with soft foam.  Make sure to tell children not to insert any other balls into the toy.
These koosh toys are available at these toy retail stores.

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  1. Oh wow, my son would LOVE this! And so cool that the balls glow in the dark :) Great post!

  2. My husband would love this. My kids would love the fact that they glow in the dark!

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo


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