July 20, 2012

Reading with children

As parents we can help our children read without tears by making reading a part of their everyday life and fun.  It is important to talk and discuss with children about what they read by asking related questions, to see if they have comprehended what they read or listened to.
Reading something fun everyday with the children brings lots of satisfaction that will become good memories.  Choose a book like this 365 Animal stories and rhymes or another book from the 365 stories and enjoy with your little ones.  This book has a variety of reading media such as folk stories, exciting long and short stories and poetry that will keep children entertained.  My children enjoyed listening to many of the stories and want to listen to some of them over and over.
I liked reading it with my children and was happy to see some stories I remember listening to as a child from my grandmas and mom.  

Another note on reading: Every summer Toronto Public library has a reading program that encourages children to have fun and read.  They provide posters and stickers free of charge; so do join this fun learning program.

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  1. Sometimes I am in a mood of reading a good children book myself, this one will do...:)


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