July 19, 2012

Children's music

Someone else's shoes by Recess music is quality music that is fun to listen to.  It conveys messages such as self-esteem, making positive & constructive choices and polite actions that will promote empathy.   Empathy is a key ingredient for living in harmony with others.  When children and adults walk in someone else's shoes they become better people who will celebrate other people's triumphs, become understanding and helpful.
This 45 minutes long album is for children age 4 to 11 years.  The 15 songs start discussions among parents, children and educators about caring, understanding, social justice, global peace and challenges that are caused by intimidation and bully behaviour.  
Some of the songs are,
Take a walk in someone else's shoes (talks about respect, appreciation and empathy)
You hurt m feelings
Give a little love away
Be nice to old people
There's no place for bullies in our school
and more.

The Cat's Pajamas is a funny title for the upbeat live sound album by Backseat driver.  Children and adults will enjoy this music, which is good to have during family road trips.
Some of the songs in this album are
Driving in my car (vroom, vroom, vroom)
Funky bears (a rap-happy Goldilocks update)
Humpty Dumpty
I love my toes
and more

Big Bang Boom's Because I said so is loud, fun, parent-friendly music.  Dad musicians have written the lyrics in a child's perspective using child familiar meaningful language that children and adults will enjoy.  They mix pop, alternative, hip-hop, country and other styles to create their contemporary sounds.  
Some of the songs are,
Green light (inspired by the backyard game red light/green light)
Hippie mom
I can sing
Are we there yet
and more.

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