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May 16, 2013

Shake It Up Dance soundtrack and Interview with Bella Thorne

The stars of Disney Channel’s hit television series “Shake It Up,” Bella Thorne and Zendaya have their all-new Shake It Up: I <3 Dance soundtrack from Walt Disney Records. This collection of 12 dance tracks is intended for children age 2 to 11 year old fans. We can purchase the soundtrack from iTunes and Amazon for $9.99. I had the opportunity to ask Bella some questions regards to this album. Here are the answers I got.

April 7, 2013

The connection of music to our development and your chance to win a LEGO DUPLO CD

Studies have proven there is a link between music and children's development. Music has been used for many centuries in all types of different cultures from the time babies are born with sweet lullabies to sooth them or to rock them when they are little. As we grow we listen to and sing different types of music depending on our mood and activities. There are different opinions on how music and sounds can make us feel, and impact our thoughts. 

March 15, 2013

Interactive Musical Storybook and Newspaper App for children

This new interactive musical storybook app Mibblio for iPad will be enjoyed by children as they learn to read, sing, learn and play music all at the same time.  

March 14, 2013

Children's Book of Music

Children's book of Music is an introduction to the world's music and its history i.e. early music (50000BCE-1600CE), classical music (1600-1900) and modern music (1900-).  This book teaches children and adults different styles of music, about the works and lives of composers, performers and about different types of instruments found around the world.  This book includes a CD with songs and sounds that are highlighted in the book, which is interesting to listen to.
I like how music is defined in this book; it says that music is not just a tune, steady beat, one sound or a composition as we can hear it everywhere.  This reminds me of a song that we like listening to by Dawud Wharnsby "Can you hear the rhythm?"
In early music, people used animal bones and things such as a gum leaf from an eucalyptus tree to imitate the sound of birds, and hollowed out logs of eucalyptus trees and animal skins to make drums.  My children made some of their own instruments such as this drum and rattle.  
Music such as playing the didgeridoo by the Australian aboriginal men is similar to the tuba or trombone, which is believed to improve and help with breathing, reduce snoring and to sleep better.
Music and instruments from different parts of the world has been a way of people showing their cultural identity.  This book draws our attention to sounds from Africa, China, Indonesia, India, Japan and other countries.  
I enjoyed reading the details about famous musicians such as Ali Ibn Nafi also known as Ziryab or Blackbird from the 9th century Persian court, which was the center of learning, trade, music and culture.  Ziryab left the Baghdad Persian court (now in Iraq) and went to settle in the Islamic court in Southern Spain where he became famous. 
This book has lots of information about music that will benefit all those who are interested in learning about its history and interesting facts.

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October 15, 2012

Reading rocks CD

Reading Rocks from Johnette Downing will be released in November 2012.  The songs are from an award-winning New Orleans children's musician and author.  This CD is for children ages 2 to 8 years.  The CD interweaves reading from five of Johnette's picture books.  Reading Rocks is an album that combines spoken words with music that has a mix of jazz, cajun, creole etc.  This CD has eleven songs that range in style from bluegrass to rock, finger plays and limericks.  This motivating CD is fun to listen to.

Here are some of the tracks

Reading Rocks
Open a book finger play
Today is Monday in Kentucky
Why the Oyster has the pearl
Oyster limerick

Here is a book trailer Why the Possum Has a Large Grin with Johnette's song.

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July 19, 2012

Children's music

Someone else's shoes by Recess music is quality music that is fun to listen to.  It conveys messages such as self-esteem, making positive & constructive choices and polite actions that will promote empathy.   Empathy is a key ingredient for living in harmony with others.  When children and adults walk in someone else's shoes they become better people who will celebrate other people's triumphs, become understanding and helpful.
This 45 minutes long album is for children age 4 to 11 years.  The 15 songs start discussions among parents, children and educators about caring, understanding, social justice, global peace and challenges that are caused by intimidation and bully behaviour.  
Some of the songs are,
Take a walk in someone else's shoes (talks about respect, appreciation and empathy)
You hurt m feelings
Give a little love away
Be nice to old people
There's no place for bullies in our school
and more.

The Cat's Pajamas is a funny title for the upbeat live sound album by Backseat driver.  Children and adults will enjoy this music, which is good to have during family road trips.
Some of the songs in this album are
Driving in my car (vroom, vroom, vroom)
Funky bears (a rap-happy Goldilocks update)
Humpty Dumpty
I love my toes
and more

Big Bang Boom's Because I said so is loud, fun, parent-friendly music.  Dad musicians have written the lyrics in a child's perspective using child familiar meaningful language that children and adults will enjoy.  They mix pop, alternative, hip-hop, country and other styles to create their contemporary sounds.  
Some of the songs are,
Green light (inspired by the backyard game red light/green light)
Hippie mom
I can sing
Are we there yet
and more.

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