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April 7, 2013

The connection of music to our development and your chance to win a LEGO DUPLO CD

Studies have proven there is a link between music and children's development. Music has been used for many centuries in all types of different cultures from the time babies are born with sweet lullabies to sooth them or to rock them when they are little. As we grow we listen to and sing different types of music depending on our mood and activities. There are different opinions on how music and sounds can make us feel, and impact our thoughts. 

March 23, 2013

Our Triceratops Trapper Lego from Chapters Indigo

Chapters Indigo is having a fabulous Lego sale promotion that ends on March 31st. We are big fans of Lego, so we couldn't resist this promotion and the variety of fabulous Lego at Indigo.  We ordered the Triceratops Trapper LEGO set that my son has been wanting for a long time.  When we purchased this dinosaur Lego set online we got free shipping  and the order included a small package of Lego City building toy for free. 

March 8, 2013

Exciting #LEGODUPLO sale @ChaptersIndigo + Win $50 to shop

Even before my husband and I had children Chapters/Indigo has always been our go-to indoor place during all seasons.  We like hanging out in the calm environment at Chapters/Indigo surrounded by books.  Indigo is a good place to sit, relax, read and have something delicious from Starbucks; that is not the only motive :)

We have continued this "tradition" even after our children were born.  My husband and I hangout in the children section and take turns supervising the kids so we can get some alone-time to read the latest magazines and books.  I can also spends lots of time looking at the beautiful home decor products they have, controlling my wants so I don't buy the whole of Indigo :)

When I was attending cake decoration classes, my husband's go-to-place was Indigo.  He entertains our kids either by reading to them or participating in the organized children's programs at the Indigo Kids Play Area.  These free programs at Chapters/Indigo has fun, crafts children can make as well as a Indigo staff member or a local author reading the latest children books to the kids.
Click to make it big; this is what is happening during the March Break at the Kennedy Commons location
For my family and I, on top of the fabulous products at Indigo the free WI-FI for members, clean environment, children friendly washrooms and the play area has been motivating us to keep going to Indigo.  
As you probably know we are big fans of LEGO so we are very excited to let you all know that this month all LEGO products at Indigo will be 20% off.  
If a store is not close to you, don't forget to check Indigo online.
If you like shopping at Indigo as much as I do then you will be happy to know Create With Mom will be hosting a giveaway for you to win a $50 Indigo gift card.  
Enter this Canadian giveaway before March 20th through the rafflecopter below.
The winner will have 24 hours to respond from the time of contact.  You can enter similar giveaways on other sites, but will be eligible to win only one.

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Disclosure: I am a LEGO DUPLO play ambassador and receive special perks for being part of this.  All rights reserved on mentioned photographs and written content Createwithmom © 2011 - 2013. Please Ask First

January 25, 2013

Animal themed LEGO party

I sent this invitation to some friends last weekend to bring their little ones for a LEGO party in our home.  We were so excited and thrilled to organize this LEGO themed party because my children are huge fans of LEGO DUPLO.
Both boys and girls loved the variety of Animal themed LEGO DUPLO and we heard lots of farm noises in our home during the party :)  Children played with our previous collections of  LEGO DUPLO toys plus these Toddler line products such as the build and play cubes, pull along, building set and brick box.  
These Toddler line LEGO DUPLO are mostly for children age 1 1/2 to 3-4 year, however children over 4 will enjoy these as well.  The build and play cubes have cute windows that will encourage children to play peek-a-boo.  The pull along fun wagon has 15 pieces that encourage children to build on the base and pull the wagon. 
Children really enjoyed hearing the stories from the "read and build" LEGO DUPLO books such as the Busy Farm and Let's Go Vroom!  
Following the step-by-step pictures on the books to build and see the characters becoming 3D is very exciting for little ones.
Children also enjoyed playing on our LEGO DUPLO Zoo app on the iPad during the party.  
This interactive app is for children from 2 to 5.  Our LEGO DUPLO fans will enjoy solving the challenges they come across as Jack Rabbit and Giraffe's goes by air, land and water to make it to Lion's birthday.  
For the party I served, Beetroot cheese sandwiches, Lego cake pops, Carrot and celery, Animal crackers and juice.
To make the beetroot cheese sandwiches you will need...
cream cheese
steamed or boiled beetroots grated
sandwich bread

After placing the cheese and beetroots in the sandwich bread cut it into shapes.
To make the LEGO blocks cake pops I used...
a box of chocolate cake
1/2 cup to 1/4 cup chocolate cake frosting
white melting chocolate

Bake the chocolate cake following the instructions on the box.  Then crumble and mix it with cake frosting.  Children liked helping prepare this part as we formed the shapes and dipped the top of the cake pop into the melted chocolate before placing the smarties.
When the kids played "paste the duck" I had some of the little ones crying because they didn't get it in the correct spot.  However, when each child got a pack of crayons, stickers and a package of fun activities to do and take home they forgot about this :)
We had a fabulous animal themed LEGO party, while listening to the DUPLO jams.
Disclosure: I am a LEGO DUPLO play ambassador and receive special perks for being part of this.  All rights reserved on photographs and written content Createwithmom © 2011 - 2013. Please Ask First

November 2, 2012

Traditions of giving and LEGO DUPLO toys for our readers

When the year comes to an end and the holidays are nearing many of us start to think of other people and spread the holiday cheer by sharing and giving.  I believe we have to think of those in need and the less fortunate all year round and help in anyway we can by giving money, food, clothes or spend our time to better their lives.    

October 7, 2012

Learning Through Play with LEGO DUPLO

Large Brick Box
My children enjoy learning and playing with LEGO.  I think the best and easiest way to learn is through play.  My son is a big fan of LEGO DUPLO and spends lots of his time building, creating and discovering many ways he can use the LEGO pieces to make things.

I like having toys like LEGO DUPLO because these learning toys are valuable as children think and manipulate objects to build things.  I think this type of unstructured learning is beneficial to parents and children.  We can spend quality time teaching, building and learning about what children are thinking.  When children get positive feedback and encouragement from us they feel excited, and we too feel really happy about the creative things they build.

Children tend to relate things they see in daily life when they play, I like that LEGO DUPLO keeps their products colourful, detailed and make the characters, animals, train, farms in the sets something that children can relate to.

I like the size of the LEGO DUPLO bricks.  The products are aimed for children over the age of 1 1/2 years.  We don't have to worry about children accidentally putting the pieces in their mouth because the pieces are big and easy for children to hold on to; however, as with anything use with care and watch as the little ones play :)  LEGO helps children develop their fine motor skills and become creative. 
Bricks and Books
I like the idea of having a book to go with the LEGO pieces.  I was able to teach my son to follow each page of the book as we read the story.  I also got his help in building and finding the correct piece that were shown in the book to match the LEGO.  I like how we get to read and play at the same time, so reading becomes a natural part of play.  Children learn to match 2D shapes on the book with the 3D LEGO pieces at a young age with toys like this.  It is easy to follow the illustrations and become engaged in the story of this book about a caterpillar and his friends.  

Play with letters
My son is learning his alphabets and it fun to learn with these colourful bricks with letters and matching pictures.  My daughter and son try to find the letters in the alphabet and have found so many ways to play with these useful LEGO DUPLO pieces.
Large Brick Box
Children will enjoy getting creative with this fun collection of bricks that come in a sturdy, reusable storage container with a transparent lid that makes clean up time easy.  The set includes a book of building instructions and inspirations.  The box has special elements to create rolling cars, planes, houses that allow children to become creative.
I enjoyed capturing these memories with the Samsung Wi-Fi Digital Camera.

Learn through play Contest
Support learning and literacy in your own community and home by nominating your favourite local library and win.  Starting October 3rd, Canadian Library Association and LEGO DUPLO will have a contest, where 13 libraries in Canada can win $500 worth of LEGO DUPLO products and the 13 people who nominate the library will win $350 of LEGO DUPLO products.

With LEGO DUPLO products you will see your children learning as they play.  As the holiday season is approaching I would like to share some coupons with the readers of Createwithmom.
5 Canadian readers of Createwithmom can win (5) $5 off coupons to buy LEGO DUPLO products by leaving a comment on this post and entering through the rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure: I am a LEGO DUPLO play ambassador and receive special perks for being part of this.  All rights reserved on opinion, written content and photographs Createwithmom © 2012. Please Ask First