July 4, 2012

Hasbro toys Preview event 2012

My children and I enjoyed all the toys at the Hasbro 2012 event.  My kids tested almost all the toys that were there, and they got attached to many of the toys.  There were lots of our old favourites made new, hope you get to check all these toys at your toy stores.  It is pretty hard to make a choice with the variety that is available, so make the list for holiday shopping soon :)

There are lots of educational toys for preschoolers, so we can prepare them for school in September.  The play-doh back to school chalkboard playset will help children practice their alphabets, numbers and shapes in a playful way.  I like the blackboard style play-doh package that comes with play-doh and tools.  
Hasbro has a wide selection of play-doh, where children can make cool edible looking desserts, gumballs, candy, cookies and ice cream.  They have special play-doh sweet shoppe specialty compound assortment with glitter in it.  
We liked Play-doh Candy Cyclone playset, which is a gumball machine full of tools that allow children to have fun and become creative.  I liked the Play-doh candy jar playset with 19 candy themed molds, cutters, tools and four 2 oz cans of play-doh in a candy jar package.  
The play-doh buster the power crane toy has cool dig, build and smash toys for construction jobs that the little ones will like.  We liked the cool disney themed play-doh.  
With the upcoming Cinderella diamond collection, Hasbro has a cool Play-doh spin and style Cinderella play set where the children can design Cinderella's dress that my daughter is very excited about and I am too :)
Mr. Potato Head
Happy 60th birthday Mr. Potato Head. Hasbro has added lots of cool features to Mr. Potato Head as he celebrates his birthday.  He has become leaner because of his healthy diet.
Sesame Street
There is a wide selection of Sesame street themed toys from Playskool that children will enjoy.  
The flying super grover looked really cool as it would fly in the same direction the child moves the super grover. This motion activated character has soaring sounds and silly phrases that children will enjoy. 
Come'n play cookie monster kitchen cafe is an interactive Sesame Street themed kitchen that teaches children about healthy food.  The healthy menu that is part of the kitchen has a variety of food starting from A to Z.  The stove function mimics when the stove is on and off with sounds, so children can pretend that it is on for real or switched off.  Little ones will enjoy the peekaboo window.  Parents will like the slot on the kitchen that helps the clean up process, which puts the toys in to the oven area that has doors.  This will also make children feel encouraged as they have helped clean up while playing.  I like the good quality of the plastic they have used for the pretend food, pans and utensils.

The Come'n play colourful Elmo cash register is good for pretend play and to learn numbers.  There is an area where children can doodle their signature, swipe their play credit card and sign again.
My daughter and I thought the Come'n play Abby Cadabby Tea party set is cool because the pot flickers different colours, and we can pretend to fill the cups.
Ready for school Elmo is another lovely toy that encourages children to learn skills such as putting on zippers, snaps and fasteners.  
Other preschool toys
I like the range of preschool toys from Rocktivity that teaches children the basics with musical instruments.  The sounds and lights will keep children entertained.  This collection of toys encourages growing babies to move, learn and play with music.
The Playskool learn'n pop lion speaks four different languages, which encourages young children to pick up new languages.  Little ones will develop fine motor skills has they pick up balls and push buttons.
My children had lots of fun playing and testing the elefun game and snackin' safari game, which is entertaining for the whole family and would be a lovely game for parties.
Toys for boys
There are lots of transformers rescue bots for little boys to pretend like big kids.
Children will enjoy the cute Spiderman stunt city playset which can be folded for transportation and storage. Spiderman climbs walls, flips and does lot of stunts.
Children will like the collection of Tonka chuck and friends toys.  There are no parts small parts that come off so it is safe for children over the age of 3.  Tonka chuck & friends tumblin' chuck vehicle does somersaults, has 7 games and activities that children can press to activate, has over 80 phrases and sounds, 3 hands on activation points.
Tonka chuck & friends tornado tower playset was a neat toy where the truck can zip down the track, perform barrel rolls and ride upside down.
The Beyblade: Metal Fury Destroyer dome set will be enjoyed by young boys.
Children will enjoy recreating the Marvel Avengers movie with the variety of toys they have.
The Marvel bonkazonks were lots of fun, I could have spent lots of time trying to balance it one over the other
The Kre-o battleship and transformers looks like lots of fun that children will like building and using their imagination to play.
The star wars fighter pods are small collectible new game that will spin, launch and roll that were a little bigger than squinkies and looked like fun, Star Wars fans will like this.
They also have other star war themed toys such as helmets, masks, action figures, lighsabers, electronic and action blasters.
The Nerf Firevision would be neat to play anytime of the day especially in the dark because of the glow.  The Nerf fire vision sports Nerfoop basket ball set and hyper bounce ball will be enjoyed by everyone in the family.
The lazer tag sets looked really cool.
The Koosh solar recon ball launcher is one of the toys that my son got attached to, he really enjoyed the action as the balls shot far.  They have glow-in-the-dark balls, which I would like to see as well.
The nerf selection of blasters are pretty cool, now with so many superhero movies and action figures it is hard to avoid boys wanting to be boys and superheroes.  The nerf products are lots of fun for everyone; boys, girls and adults :)  I told the big kid in our home, my husband about the Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm blaster that comes with safe darts and aims up to 55 feet and he was super excited about these toys.
The Nerf n-strike elite hail-fire blaster aims up to 75 feet with 144 darts.  The revolving clip carousel looks really neat.  Hasbro also has cool Nerf n-strike blaster that light up and glow in the dark.  The Vortex line of Nerf blasters have a disc like blaster.
Toys for girls
My daughter is fan of my little pony.  We are looking forward to watch the My little pony movie that is coming out in August.  The castle looks really cool and cute, the little fans will like recreating the wedding of Princess Celestia's niece Cadence and Twilight Sparkle's older brother Shining Armor.
The life like baby alive dolls drink and need the diaper changed, hair cut, visit the doctors, wanna walk doll and many more will be enjoyed by the little ones.
The realistic looking furreal friends are toys that children will get attached to really quickly.  Hasbro is celebrating ten years of making girls smile with their realistic pets and nurturing play.  
Both my children fell for Furreal friends best friends pets and my son didn't allow me to keep this cuddly fur friend down.  This cute hop'n cuddle bunny and my happy to see me pup act like the real ones.
My daughter enjoyed taking furreal friends gogo my walkin' pup all over the place.  The pup is on a leash, wag the tail, pant and bark like a real pup.  It responds to touch as we gently stroke her right and left side or the top of her head as the pup playfully barks to let us know that she is delighted to have a friend.  They also have walkin' kitties, newborn pets and snuggimals pups that are fun and cute.
My daughter enjoyed playing with this Dizzy Dancer, which is a cute fuzzy selection of toys similar to beyblades.  We insert the zip and it spins.  Reminds me of the toppers that we played as kids, but without the mechanism of winding it because when the dizzy cord is inserted it winds the toy. We like the lights when it spins and the cute sound.  The children can learn different ways of twisting so that the toy does cool moves.  My daughter pointed out that when it spins and we keep our finger on top it tickles.  These collectible dizzy dancers come with cool mix and match accessories.  This one is called Scootie Lu Bunny.
Hasbro has pound puppies and lots of littlest pet shop collections that children will like.
One Direction, the music group has partnered with Hasbro to create figure toys that girls will like playing with. 

My children and I like baking together and we were admiring the cool looking selection of easy bake to make treats like cake pops, whoopie pies, layer cake bars, petit fours and chocolate truffles.  We really like the Easy bake ultimate oven they have, which look stylish and modern.
Toys for boys, girls and adults I think :)
I liked the star wars selection of toys that looked cool.  I also liked the bonka bot .
The millionaire monopoly looked like a lots of fun it is a little different from the traditional way we are used to playing.  The monopoly millionaire deal card game is fun card game.
Boggles and scrabble has joined hands to make it more fun and educational with their Scrabble boggle game, which would be a good quiet activity and game for everyone over 8 years.
They had connect 4 dunk game, which is a non traditional way, by pressing a button and targeting it to fall into the slot.  We can play connect by ourself as we think and target the discs to the tower with patience.
The new twister dance game is a fun way to learn moves to dance songs.  We move our feet to the coloured spots on the floor that coordinate with the multi-coloured LED lights on the dance console.  We can also connect our mp3 player to put our own songs.
The bop it smash game tests our skill and competitive nature as we control, trap and play with light. 

Hasbro has become partners with Duracell, so we can become more eco-friendly and save money by using rechargeable batteries.  Duracell batteries are engineered with DuraLock to preserve power for up to 10 years in storage so we can use it when we need it.  It is always important to have batteries so we don't disappoint the little ones as they get ready to play.
Hasbro has carefully observed and constructed all their products with safety as their number one priority.  As parents, we need to make sure the toys are appropriate for our children.  
Most of these toys are available already and some are coming to the market by Fall.  These toys and games from Hasbro are perfect for children anytime of the year.  Prepare your list of toys to get for the holidays, so you can be early this year and avoid the holiday rush.    

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