July 5, 2012

ABC's shows: GCB, Missing and Scandal

The complete first season of ABC's GCB, Missing and Scandal are on DVD since June 12th.  If you haven't already watched these, do watch it. The shows are not for children.
We really enjoyed watching GCB and Missing when it was on air. It was fun to watch it all over again on DVD.

Back in high school, a mean girl Amanda mercilessly tormented her less attractive classmates.  
Twenty years later, when her husband is busted for a scheme and passed away in a scandalous manner, Amanda was disgraced.  She moves back  to her mother's home in Dallas in hopes of trying to start a new life.  The show is if her ex-highschool mates, the women in her town, open their arms or will they try to pay back?  
There are lots of funny scenes and plots, which are interesting to watch.
Missing is about Becca Winstone's son disappearing while he was doing his summer internship overseas.  She takes it upon herself to travel to Europe to track him down.  
Becca is a former CIA agent deactivated after her husbands death had to rely on old friends and enemies, thus reopening old wounds. 

She finds out that her husband whom she thought was dead wasn't dead, he was trying to protect his family.  
Her resourcefulness, skill and determination will put her to test, but a motherly love knowns no limits.

We enjoyed the show and the sceneries throughout the show.  I wish it would have had a happy ending if it was not going to be on air for the second season. We are also disappointed shows like GCB, Pan Am and Terra Nova are canceled for season two.  These shows are pretty interesting to watch.
We missed Scandal when it was on TV and had a lovely time watching the shows on DVD.  We are excited that Scandal will be having a second season, which we are looking forward to.   

This drama revolves around the life and work of a professional crisis manager, Olivia Pope and her dysfunctional staff.  She is a former consultant to the President.  After leaving the White House, she opens her own firm to fix other people's lives.  She wasn't able to cut the ties of her past professionally and personally.

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