July 10, 2012

Spiderman toys

Hasbro has lots of toys to go with the Marvel entertainment and Columbia pictures release of The Amazing Spiderman, which released in theatres on July 3rd.
These innovative toys and action figures were really enjoyed by my children as they will like to role play with superhero toys.

The lizard figure, spider web battlers and mission spidey action figures are fun to play with and reenact.  
This spider strike battle racer vehicle comes with a spiderman figure toy and web claw that allows spiderman to swing as he attaches in the web glider over the front of the hood.  This car is really cool.  The package needs an adult to assemble, no tools required.  
The hero mask is for everyone over 5 years.  It is very comfortable because the inside is padded.  The velcro adjusts to fit the person's head, so siblings and parents can join the fun.
The Mega blaster web shooter that comes with the spiderman glove is fun as we shoot web strings.  The one size glove is 100% polyester.  The web shooter stays put because of the velcro strap.  The web fluid comes in a container that can be discarded when it finishes and replace it or use the water canister by filling water.  The web fluid is intended for children over the age of 5.  
These toys are well thought out by Hasbro, which will be enjoyed by your superhero wannabes.

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