May 9, 2012

Hasbro Nerf super soakers

I am glad the weather is getting warmer and we are spending a lot more time outdoors.  Water play is always a fun activity for children and adults especially during warm weather.  These Nerf super soakers from Hasbro are adventurous and fun for everyone.  

The Hasbro Nerf super soakers look sleek and have a strong design.  I like the choice of colours they have used for the soakers.  These soakers are meant for anyone over the age of 6 years so use your own discretion if you want young children to play with it.  Use only tap water and don't aim at eyes or face to avoid injury.  Don't submerge the soakers into the water.

Tornado strike water clip holds 300ml water and aims 6 m. Our favourite part of this soaker is that when we shoot the water it spins through its special spinning barrel.  This tornado strike doesn't require batteries because we have to pump to blast water.  The detachable stock can be adjusted depending on the persons reach.  It has a tactical rail that is compatible with other super soakers.  I wish the water clips hold more than 300ml of water.  However, we can buy more water clips separately to quickly reload so we can have fun without stopping to refill the water :) The water clips attach to our belts so it is convenient during playtime.
Electrostorm blaster super soaker aims up to 7.5 meters. This motorized full auto soaker doesn't require pumping, just pull the trigger and start soaking.  This small soaker holds 76 ml of water so we had to practice aiming at the target correctly when needed so we aren't wasting time filling it up and missing the action.  It needs a little practice and patience to aim and wait for the correct time/ opportunity to start soaking the target :) The only downside is that it needs 4 batteries and a philips cross head screwdriver, which is not included in the package.

Lightning storm blaster holds 1L of water and aims a distance of 7.6 meters.  This powerful soaker requires 4 batteries.  This motorized super soaker is fully automatic no pumping required just pull the trigger to soak.  The water clips from the tornado strike can be put in place of the drum.  It has a detachable stock that enhances accuracy when blasting.  The blast shield is a lovely feature that blocks incoming water from other shooters.  It also has a tactical rail. The soaker comes with instructions.

There are many other soakers such as hydro cannon, scatter blast, point break and microbursts. The super soakers are available at superstores, Toys R Us, Zellers and Walmart. The weather is getting warmer so get yourself one of these Hasbro Nerf soakers and start having fun with friends and family outdoors.

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  1. Is it sad that we occasionally played with these in college? Perfect fun on a hot Southern summer night.


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