May 10, 2012

Designerliners for wastebaskets

These Designerliners are fancy decor bags for our trashcans.  These disposable bags made in USA are biodegradable.  
Muriel Wiener came up with this creative idea to "dress the mess".  She has a selection of 11 colours and design combinations to fit into any home decor.
Here is a list of available designs:
Polka dot pink, orange, navy blue and green
Gingham gold and red
Leopard black and blue
Toile red and blue
Tattersol black

We can re-use these bags if we wish depending on what type of trash is put in it.  The designerliners I received were the large size 24" x 24" blue toile.  They were pretty big, so I put them in my kitchen indoor recycle bin.  These bags are strong enough to hold the content and I could easily take it out, get rid of the recycle and put it back in place or throw it away depending on the condition of the bag.

For the designs to show the bags have to be placed inside out.  Friends and family that visited told me that it looks cute and ended up looking into the trash, which is definitely a different perspective on how the waste is looked upon :)
I also placed it in the bedroom trash container, where I put old paper and such so I don't have to throw these bags away each time.

Designerliners are also available in small size 17.75" x 19" bags and medium 21" x 24".  I think I would prefer the small bags to place in the guest washroom.  It would also be neat if there were a variety of designs in a package to change it up.  A pack comes with 12 designerliners for $9.95.  It would be nice if there were more bags in a pack especially if the small size packages contain more liners.  

The designerliners also make custom design liners for companies.  These decorative waste liners are available online and on amazon.

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