May 10, 2012

Love's everlasting courage

Love's everlasting courage appeared on DVD just in time for Mother's Day.  

This story is inspired by Janette Oke's Love comes softly book series.  It centers on family values in the 19th century.  In this movie Clark Davis struggles to maintain his land to support his family during a long drought.  He and his daughter turn to his parents for support as he tries to repay the bank loan, save his farm and survive his wife's death without losing his daughter.

I really enjoyed watching this movie with my daughter.  I like these types of movies, which make us think and reminds us about the power of God.  We must trust and believe that God is always with us especially during trying times without loosing hope.  
The movie also makes us feel thankful for the simple blessings of life we have such as having accessible water, a home, friends and family.  It shows the values of communities and family, which is really important for us to remind ourselves as well as teach our children.

Hope you get to watch Love's everlasting courage with your dear ones and become thankful for the simple blessings of life.

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  1. This one is definitely going on my must see list. I'm you newest follower here. Thanks for stopping by my revamped blog. Of course I'm still following your other blog too :)


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