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January 15, 2013

Won't Back Down: a must watch movie

Won't Back Down is a fabulous movie that I highly recommend all the adults who are concerned about education to watch.  This empowering drama is inspired by actual events.  
It is about a hard-working single mom Jamie Fitzpatrick (Gyllenhaal) who is concerned that John Adams Elementary is letting her daughter down.  She teams with a caring teacher (Davis) who wants the best future for her own son.  They set out to improve attitudes and elevate the school’s academic standards, despite the odds with courage, hope and persistence.

The movie points out that unions usually protect the interest of teachers, but not necessarily the students.  It is a big eye opener for parents, teachers and administrators to start thinking and focusing on our children.  

Being a teacher is more than a job and I don't think every good student can become a good "teacher".  I think a good teacher has to have a committed teachable personality.  I don't feel our system gives the opportunity for people who have the passion for teaching to get the jobs.  Unfortunately, not every classroom or teacher across North America sees being a "teacher" in the same way.  

This movie highlights the problems that we have in the North American education system such as 
  • The system passes children that don't meet the grade criteria, which in turn doesn't help the child become motivated to learn, as they know they will be passed no matter what.
  • Putting children into "special needs" programs without making sure that they have a good foundation from the start so we prevent issues before it arrives such as reading.
  • Many of our "smart" students are not challenged in a fun way at school so they become bored and easily give up.
This movie Won't Back Down is fabulous from start to finish, it doesn't only highlight the bad things in our education system rather it shows the value of caring teachers and importance of education.  
As a parent, I try to do my part as time permits to teach things outside of school, reading with my children, respect and other morale.  Since children spend most part of their day in the classroom, their thinking and learning is in the hands of the teachers and other school staff.  Therefore having the best teacher is very important.  The education system really needs to be looked upon on how they approach learning from the start.  Paperwork over paperwork is not the solution as it makes more unnessary work for teachers that takes away from their real purpose, which is teaching. 
We should also remind our children that they too are responsible for learning and taking a stand.
I believe our children are our hope for the future and these types of movies make us stop and think before it is too late. 

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October 26, 2012

Prestigious Parker Pens

The quality and prestige that comes with Parker pens make it a wonderful, personal, memorable and unique gift for anyone from a teenager to an adult.
Parker pens always burst with lovely contemporary styles and personality.  The pen has the world-renowned Parker logo and the distinctive arrow shaped clip.  The quality and elegance of the IM range of Parker pens are always modern and progressive.  Parker IM is a reliable pen that writes smoothly.  It offers functionality and flair in its stylish stainless steel casing.   

I really like my Parker IM pen that is made in France.  This pen comes with a rollerball refill.  If the ink finishes we can simply replace the refill and hold onto our favourite steel casing.  I like how smooth the casing feels when I hold it.  The luxurious feel of writing with the pen makes me want to write only with this pen :)  I think Parker pens make the person writing with it feel a lot of care for their writing.  Even the most rushed handwriting comes out beautifully with Parker.  

The pens are available in many colours and finishes i.e. Chiseled Chrome or Gunmetal or Premium Etched Matte in black, metallic and pink.  The price ranges from about $18 to $80 depending on the model.  It is available at Staples and other fine writing retailers.  

If you would like to win a Parker pen, enter through the rafflecopter below, giveaway is open to Canadians ends November 10th.
Update: The winner is Olivia
a Rafflecopter giveaway 
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August 24, 2012

My Food My Way: Getting students to think healthy

A new campaign from TDSB and CUPE local 4400 strives to change the culture of food in schools, homes and communities.  This initiative of Healthy Living Healthy Learning approach doesn't tell young people what to eat; instead it educates then and allows them to make their own choices.  

The campaign aims to shed light on factors such as atmosphere, peer pressure, cost, taste and nutrition.  Sometimes it is hard for people to make good choices in selecting healthy food when their experiences are limited; so these types of campaigns promote a love for food, which is the best way to teach our future generations.  

Many schools have already started after school programs and clubs that initiate healthy eating by showing children how to make simple, tasty healthy meals by themselves with little help from parents or adults.  Susur Lee, a chef and restaurateur will be leading teaching kitchens in Toronto schools and will have cooking competitions.  The winning dishes from the competitions will become part of the school cafeteria menus.  This is a good idea because even with a diverse food culture in Canada, there are still unhealthy sugar filled oily food a big part of the cafeteria program at schools.  If there are vegetarian based food available in TDSB cafeterias that are tasty and healthy it would benefit people from all types of diverse backgrounds. 

I would prefer if all TDSB schools would remove the unhealthy pizza program (that offers mostly pepperoni or cheese pizza) that many schools are part of.  I don't allow my children to be part of this pizza program.  This pizza day program is costly for the parent, depreciates the value we put on healthy eating, pulls children into peer pressure and is most of all unhealthy.

So as parents, I think we can encourage our children to eat healthy and live healthy by supporting teaching programs about food in our home, schools and communities. 

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August 14, 2012

LunchHugs review and giveaway

Having lunch at school is a time when children talk to their friends and play.  These cards from LunchHugs will entertain children during the lunch hour at school. It is something they can show and share with their friends as well.
My children enjoyed decorating the box to put our keepsakes.  We like the variety of cards that are in the sets. The jokes in the cards are funny, it is easy for children to remember them and use it with their friends. The fun facts, brainteasers, messages of love and encouragement will be really appreciated by children.

August 6, 2012

Staples Back to School event and contest

Staples Canada is the largest office products company that has a wide choice of office services and products.  Staples offers an assortment of designs and essentials throughout the year to fit the needs of students from kindergarten to college and university.

Here are some product trends:
The Staples Better Binders that mix and match notebooks, pencil pouches and other basics come in beautiful themes such as Sugar rush (vibrant candy-coloured hues) and Graphic Fantastic (retro 80s sci-fi era).
Everyone will enjoy the cute cool lunch bags such as the built NY lunch bags, fun lunch bags and personalized water bottles.  I liked the stylish lunch bags i.e. Elle for girls and ladies.

Staples has a wide range of backpacks that come in fashionable colours, Disney themes to attract the princess and superhero fans.    
Older children can choose from the selection of ergonomic bags i.e. Hilroy Five Star backpacks to help avoid injuries because the shoulder straps ensure even distribution of weight and sits correctly on the back.  
There are lots of products and learning supplies for educators, preschoolers and young children. 
I liked all the locker gears.  The selection of locker accessories are vast, wish some of these were available when I was in high school :)  Everything was in fashion inspired colours and patterns.  They also have different styles of Dudley combination locks.  
There are lots of innovative stylish calculators and earbuds.  The Crayola Earbuds looked really cool.
Many products were in animal prints such as pencils, books, scissors and many more.

The functional flash drives were very neat, everything looked cool enough for us to start a collection.  There were different types of USB drives i.e. cartoon characters, movie characters and cars.  I liked the car USBs; I wouldn't have thought these were flash drives.

I liked the products that were available for home office and geared for moms to help stay organized such as the planners, colour coding files, labels etc.

Staples back to school 7th annual school supply drive
Many Canadian families struggle to provide their children with the supplies needed to succeed; so Staples Canada along with the customers are collecting money or supplies until September 9th.  
Support your local community by donating.  All donations remain in the respective local communities.  These items are not just tools, but a way to start the school year with confidence and enthusiasm.  Staples goal is to raise a total of $1.5 million.  

Build Your Backpack on the Staples Canada Facebook and win school supplies prize packs.  Students will be encouraged to share both their creativity and wish lists through the app.

This pen reminds us of the upcoming September 14th Finding Nemo on 3D coming to the theatres, are you excited to SEA it as well :)
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July 26, 2012

Lovable labels back to school package review and giveaway

Lovable labels was launched in 2003 by a mom who found the need for durable, tough labels that will test time and everything children put labels through. The product line is influenced by customer suggestions and feedback. The labels are available online to make it convenient to order from anywhere in the world.
As a parent or guardian, we know daycares, schools and camps require us to label everything we send with our children.  Lovable labels offer a unique choice of colour and designs that children and adults will like.  I liked that the labels come in a convenient booklet so it would be easy to find when we need to use it.  The tabs on the booklet makes it easy to know the intended use. 
When we personalize belongings, I find children tend to take better care of it and not loose it; this in turns saves us money. 
These labels grow with the child so it is a good investment to get the back to school package with over 165 labels.  In a household of multiple children it helps to keep things organized and personal where children will feel unique.
These labels were personalized for my daughter.  She was really happy to see the cool package of printed labels with her name on it.  She helped me choose the design on the net :)  
The cool mini metal bag tags will be treasured :)  We already put the bag tags on her school and sunday school bag for September.  My daughter has placed many of the labels on all her belongings.

Loveable labels

  • are waterproof and bleach safe; therefore the labels can go in the dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer. 
  • will not fade as it is UV and temperature resistant.
  • are safe from tiny fingers trying to pick it as the labels are made with good quality 3M scotch marking film. 
  • The labels stick on all products with smooth surfaces, shoes, clothing etc. 
  • Clothing labels come in 3 sizes and aren't meant for sticking on material.  Peel n' label on garment tags, care labels or nylon lining found in jackets and snow pants without the need to iron.
  • The multipurpose sticker labels, slimline, square, fun stickers stay well on flat, clean and dry surfaces. 
  • The shoe labels are perfect for inside the non-shiny insole of the footwear.  
The lunch box "lil'love" messages are cute.  Children will like to see these messages in their lunch box.  I pasted the stickers on little cards and transparent plastic paper so I could place different messages inside the lunch box and bag.  This way I could change it up and reuse the stickers to make a special moment during lunch.
There are many other unique products on the Loveable label site, do check it out for yourself.  
Get the labels now so you can prepare and be ready for school in September.

Use this coupon code: BTS201213 during checkout to get $5 off on your $25 or more purchase until September 30, 2012.
Giveaway: If you would like to win this back to school package of unique labels in your style with your child's name then leave a comment on this post.  Giveaway is open to Canadian and US readers. It ends on August 10th.
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Update: The winner is sweet panda
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April 17, 2012

Oliver's labels

Like many other parents, I also like to label belongings that I send with my children to school i.e. bag, shoes, lunch box etc... .

These cute waterproof labels from Oliver's label makes the job easier. The original and mini labels are perfect to put on to clean dry smooth surfaces i.e. lunch box and bottles.

Right and left feet shoe label can be placed on the dry insole of the shoes. Stickeez clothing labels are easy to place on clothing without ironing or sewing by sticking it on to the care-tag of the clothes.

The labels are made with strong permanent adhesives, and should only be handled by adults and not by children. Although the labels won't feel strong it will firmly bond to smooth clean surfaces.

I like the ease of using these customed labels. I placed the original and mini labels on my daughter's school belongings i.e. lunch box, water bottle, pencil case, pencil and scissors. The labels were easy to put on all these different surfaces.

My favourite is the shoe label. I was able to put it easily on the insole of my daughter's shoes, so she can identify her shoes when they are among the shoes of her school friends. My daughter loves it, she felt it was cool and special; I am sure she showed it off to her friends :)

I also like the range of designs they have. Both my children wanted to choose the car design, which is really cute. I tried using a permenant marker on the label which didn't work because the labels are waterproof.

We have an option to put a Found it™ tracking system on the labels so the lost belonging can be returned to the owner. Check out the lovely designs and the variety of packages Oliver's labels offer. Order these labels online or call 1-800-398-2060.

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March 15, 2012

Go Green Lunch Box

Go green and save money with these waste free lunch boxes. It is a bento style box, free of phthalate, BPA, lead and PVC.

The silicone seal used in the lid keeps the food fresh. The box is insulated, airtight and leak proof. The lightweight lunch box comes with a steel water bottle that fits into one of the five compartments.

The flap inside the lunch box carrying cover has a pocket to put utensils and napkins. There is also an innovative white board to write messages using a dry eraser; this is cute idea that eco-consciously saves paper.

There are clips on the side of the box, which allows the box to stay with the lids. This could be detached to separate the lid from the box. The box is not microwave or dishwasher safe, however it is easy to wash with soap and water.

It is easy to pack a variety for our children, without wrapping the food individually as the box is designed well and the food will not mix together, even when it is flipped i.e. the sandwich won't get soggy because of the apples :) These boxes makes it easy for the parents in the morning to follow school guidelines for waste-free lunches.

This eco-friendly option would be wonderful for children grade one and up to take to school everyday. It would also be good for summer camps and trips; the stainless steel water bottle holds about 8 oz (1 cup) of water so it is a good idea to take extra water bottles. There are snaps and a lovely turn n' lock mechanism on the lid. Everything is visible for the children, so they know what they have for lunch and will not forget :) to open all the boxes.

The cute designs of the outer covers are made with polyester fabric. Here is a list of locations the lunch boxes are sold at. Save money and the environment by going green with these lunch boxes.

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