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January 12, 2022

Teaching Strategies for Young Children

crayola drawing
Learning to speak and write are two of the most important skills to learn in pre-school. These skills are fundamental to learning other subjects and keeping up with the rest of the learning. As a parent, there are many things you can do to encourage young children to improve their speaking and writing skills. Here are some teaching strategies that can be useful. 

November 22, 2016

Sphero SPRK Edition App-Controlled Robot is Fabulous for STEM learning

sphero spark
With the holiday season coming there are lot of toys and technology options we can choose to present as gifts to our children. As parents, we all know some toys will be a hit and others will be enjoyed for a while before it is put aside. Although, tablets, video games and television can be fun they can have some harmful effects if children use it for long periods of time. The best way to avoid our children being engaged in tablets, video games and television is to divert their energy to do fun stuff with technology that would be beneficial to them. We introduced our children to the Sphero SPRK Edition App-Controlled Robot.

August 17, 2016

Activities We Do With Our Children to provide Inspiration

As parents, we find it our responsibility to make our children comprehend that everything around them needs to be respected and appreciated. To make them understand that all experiences provide knowledge, we do a variety of activities with them. Making these activities as part of our lifestyle, helps them become savvy. These activities do not cost us financially, and helps build memories.

October 9, 2015

Microsoft Committed to 21st Century Learning and Empowering Teachers

To celebrate this year’s World Teachers’ Day that happened on October 5th 2015 Microsoft Canada and Staples Canada partnered and committed to empowering 21st Century learning and recognizing 21 schools across Canada where teachers have made an impact in their community with the #ThankYouTeacher initiative. Check this video that Microsoft has created where everyday and prominent Canadians say thanks.

August 19, 2015

Make Education Savings a Reality this September

In my previous back to school post, I mentioned, a company that helps families to access the free money for their children's future education provided through the Canada Learning Bond. Planting the Dream of learning in our children is very important. This starts from a young age, so children learn how important lifelong learning is. When children know that their parents and relatives think learning is important it lays a positive psychological and financial foundation for children to be motivated to continue their education.

June 25, 2015

Assistive Technology at TDSB

Toronto District School Board is using assistive technology to help students with special needs be able to work to their full potential. Technology is revolutionizing the way today’s students are learning, as they can tackle research more quickly and collaborate on group projects easily. For students with special needs, technology is helping to pave a new road to higher success in school. TDSB is providing resources, training and workshops to help teachers incorporate technology into their classrooms.

June 26, 2014

Making Education and Graduation An Important Topic to Discuss With Our Children

Youth from across the country are celebrating their high school accomplishments and are getting ready to make the transition into post-secondary education. There are almost 400,000 young people in Canada who are at risk of dropping out of high school. Education and graduation are not always hot topics at the dinner table. Research shows particularly in low-income neighbourhoods the high school dropout rate can be as high as 70 per cent.

November 7, 2013

Win A Bluray Copy of Turbo

Laugh it up with the visually stunning, heartfelt comedy-adventure for fans of all ages this holiday season when Turbo becomes available on Blu-ray and DVD on November 12th.  
Turbo directed by David Soren and from the team behind family favourite movies like Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda has received outstanding audience reaction as a fun family movie. Laugh-out-loud performances from an incredible voice cast of Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Michael Peña, Snoop Dogg, Maya Rudolph, Michelle Rodriguez and Samuel L. Jackson. 

September 13, 2013

Importance Of Saving For Our Children's Future

Everyone's family financial situations are unique, so there is no one solution or strategy that fits all of us when it comes to saving money for our children's future and education. Since there isn't one solution sometimes it is best to hear what other families are doing to save money. 

September 2, 2013

Lance Sandwich Crackers Back to School Sweepstakes

As part of Lance® Sandwich Crackers ongoing 100th anniversary celebration, they are launching Back to School Sweepstakes that feature nearly 4,000 prizes to make back to school transition easier.

April 19, 2013

Hilton HHonors Knows the Importance of a Well Travelled Teacher

I am glad to be part of the Hilton HHonors loyalty program for many years, as we can earn perks by staying at any of the ten Hilton Worldwide’s distinct hotel brands. This loyalty program as a part of Hilton Worldwide’s Travel with Purpose has put together a grant program, in partnership with the Institute of International Education (IIE). This program celebrates cultures and the power of travel that builds stronger communities.
Through this Teacher Treks Travel Grant Competition, 15 teachers will get to travel and experience first-hand the subjects they teach, enrich their curriculum, benefit the school, and inspire students to explore the world. Hilton HHonors has announced 30 finalists from 20 different states chosen by K-12 teachers and education experts after going through the applicants’ entries. We can vote for our favourite finalist until April 30th and win 1 of 10 Hilton HHonors $250 Gift Cards.

February 10, 2013

Learning All About Chocolates from Bonnie Gordon College

Update: Bonnie Gordon College is now closed

I recently attended a media event at Bonnie Gordon College and learned a lot about chocolates.  After the event, I think I understand the difference of the wide range of chocolates that are available.  The College uses the exquisite Cacao Barry chocolate couvertures, which has a minimum of 31% cocoa butter that makes it to be higher quality product. 
Learning about Cacao Barry definitely makes us talk about chocolates in a whole new way. The location of the cocoa plantation, how the beans are chosen and the climatic conditions results in the different variation of chocolates and taste.
For example:
  • Alto el sol from Peru is an aromatic, fruity and acidic chocolate.
  • Oropucce from Trinidad has a strong cocoa flavour, slight fruity, flowery and winy taste.
  • Madirofolo from Madagascar has a balanced, fruity, acidic and slight bitter finish.
  • The chocolate from Tanzania is my favourite as it is subtle, spicy, fruity and acidulous taste. This chocolate has 75% cocoa in it.
  • Chocolates from Ghana have 40.5% cocoa with a sweet milk flavour.
Cacao Barry has existed since 1842, and they cultivate cocoa beans in limited quantities from different countries without mixing them.  Cacao Barry offers Kosher certified, rare and refined flavours of cocoa through their chocolates.  Their chocolates would be fabulous in all chocolate desserts i.e. pralines, moulding, coating, pastry, biscuits, mousse, decorating, sauce, ice cream and more.  
The higher quantity of cocoa butter in the chocolates makes it fabulous to melt, mould and dip to create a beautiful thin shell that looks neat.  The non-couverture chocolates like chocolate chips keep their shape when baked and not very good to melt or work with. We can find Cacao Barry products sold at Vanilla Food, Golda's Kitchen, Baker Haven and in many other locations.
We were shown three different methods of tempering chocolates by the instructors at Bonnie Gordon College. Tempering the chocolate is important so it will set well when we work with it.  Check the mini video I took when the instructor at Bonnie Gordon College demonstrated this cool method of tempering chocolates.

Tempering chocolates in the microwave is an easier method of tempering by gently melting the chocolates in the microwave till it reaches 32C by placing it for 1 minute, 
then another 1 minute, 
then 30 seconds 
and in 10 seconds segments.  
We have to mix it after removing from the microwave each time.
Here is the link to the Chocolate Bonbons (alcohol free) recipe I learned at Bonnie Gordon College.  If you want to learn about a variety of ways to temper chocolates and to make hand dipped truffles and bonbons, Bonnie Gordon College will be offering day classes on March 23rd and 24th.

Bonnie Gordon College is run by Bonnie Gordon, an internationally respected cake designer.  Bonnie's approach to cakes are as a form of art and her curriculum emphasizes artisanal education that encourages students to try their own creativity.  This approach attracts many students and has created successful businesses such as We bake in heels and Cupcake Girl who started their Cake design education from Bonnie.  Bonnie in her program encourages and emphasizes the use of best, high quality and natural products.  The college offers a variety of programs such as

  • The Confectionary Diploma Programme is a 16 week program that is offered throughout the year in a full time basis so students can learn the entire cake design process from scratch.  
  • The Designer Cakes Certificate Programme is a full time hands on class that explores all the skills and techniques needed to create custom designed cakes.
  • Bakery Essentials Certificate Programme is offered full and part time to teach baking and pastry art i.e. cakes, cupcakes, cookies, breads, quick breads, filling and ganaches.
  • They also have a variety of other classes for hobbyists and home bakers.
670 Caledonia Road
Unit 100 M6E4V9
Toronto, Ontario

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January 15, 2013

Won't Back Down: a must watch movie

Won't Back Down is a fabulous movie that I highly recommend all the adults who are concerned about education to watch.  This empowering drama is inspired by actual events.  
It is about a hard-working single mom Jamie Fitzpatrick (Gyllenhaal) who is concerned that John Adams Elementary is letting her daughter down.  She teams with a caring teacher (Davis) who wants the best future for her own son.  They set out to improve attitudes and elevate the school’s academic standards, despite the odds with courage, hope and persistence.

The movie points out that unions usually protect the interest of teachers, but not necessarily the students.  It is a big eye opener for parents, teachers and administrators to start thinking and focusing on our children.  

Being a teacher is more than a job and I don't think every good student can become a good "teacher".  I think a good teacher has to have a committed teachable personality.  I don't feel our system gives the opportunity for people who have the passion for teaching to get the jobs.  Unfortunately, not every classroom or teacher across North America sees being a "teacher" in the same way.  

This movie highlights the problems that we have in the North American education system such as 
  • The system passes children that don't meet the grade criteria, which in turn doesn't help the child become motivated to learn, as they know they will be passed no matter what.
  • Putting children into "special needs" programs without making sure that they have a good foundation from the start so we prevent issues before it arrives such as reading.
  • Many of our "smart" students are not challenged in a fun way at school so they become bored and easily give up.
This movie Won't Back Down is fabulous from start to finish, it doesn't only highlight the bad things in our education system rather it shows the value of caring teachers and importance of education.  
As a parent, I try to do my part as time permits to teach things outside of school, reading with my children, respect and other morale.  Since children spend most part of their day in the classroom, their thinking and learning is in the hands of the teachers and other school staff.  Therefore having the best teacher is very important.  The education system really needs to be looked upon on how they approach learning from the start.  Paperwork over paperwork is not the solution as it makes more unnessary work for teachers that takes away from their real purpose, which is teaching. 
We should also remind our children that they too are responsible for learning and taking a stand.
I believe our children are our hope for the future and these types of movies make us stop and think before it is too late. 

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November 16, 2012

The Art Institutes Culinary Schools Competition for high school students

The Art Institutes International Culinary Schools invites talented future chefs to enter the Teen Chef Competition.  High school senior students or high school graduates in US, Canada and Puerto Rico (expect Quebec) can apply for this scholarship opportunity before January 24, 2013.  
This competition is an opportunity for all those interested in pursuing a culinary career to experience the excitement and discipline of the industry.  To enter the competition students over 16 years must submit an entry/release form, a favourite recipe, essay and transcripts.
The finalist in the competition will participate in a cook-off competition in March and be judged by professional chefs and culinary faculty.  The entrants will get the recipes in advance and have an opportunity to participate in a pre-competition coaching session.  Here are more details.
Each participating location of The Art Institute in North America will award three tuition scholarships to the winners.
*$4000 and $1000 to the top two high school seniors and 
*$1500 to the top high school graduate.

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