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February 21, 2018

Microsoft Brings inclusivity into Canadian classrooms

I believe that every one of us is unique in every way, and with opportunities we can all strive to do our best and feel proud of ourselves. February is Inclusive Education Month in Canada and Microsoft is working with partners like Fair Chance Leaning to bring inclusive learning tools to the classroom. They want to highlight how a classroom that includes technology can strengthen inclusivity and ensure children, of all learning abilities, are set-up for success. 

January 24, 2017

Microsoft Celebrates #Canada150 Through #ExploreTeachBuild

microsoft skype #exploreteachbuild
Microsoft's #ExploreTeachBuild challenge celebrates Canada's 150th anniversary of confederation through a series of educational opportunities that students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 across Canada can engage in. Students can connect with a tour guide from national heritage sites and engage in real-time through Skype Virtual Field Trips, use Minecraft: Education Edition to re-create Canada's historical sites and submit their creations into a national collection and win prizes. The student created collection will be featured globally on July 1st 2017 on Microsoft Canada's 150 National Sway.

August 15, 2016

Microsoft Back to School Gift Guide

Microsoft back to school
When going back to school, students in higher grades, colleges, and universities have to make smart tech choices on what types of devices they will need and which ones will best suit their needs.

November 26, 2015

Get organized for the holidays with Microsoft Office 2016

When I was younger, during the holidays I remember my dad buying a typewriter and making me learn the keys and learn to type. I am so glad I learned this skill because whenever someone in my family, a friend, or a relative wanted a letter or a resume to be typed, I was always the person everyone came to. When we bought our first family desktop, I was already familiar with the keyboard and I was so glad to be introduced to Microsoft Word. Growing up my spare time on weekends were spent typing essays, creating simple spreadsheets and of course PowerPoint slides. For me, Microsoft Office started it all.

October 9, 2015

Microsoft Committed to 21st Century Learning and Empowering Teachers

To celebrate this year’s World Teachers’ Day that happened on October 5th 2015 Microsoft Canada and Staples Canada partnered and committed to empowering 21st Century learning and recognizing 21 schools across Canada where teachers have made an impact in their community with the #ThankYouTeacher initiative. Check this video that Microsoft has created where everyday and prominent Canadians say thanks.

June 13, 2013

My #WindowsPhone Experience with the Nokia Lumia 920

I am participating in the Microsoft Canada #SummerSwitch 30-day challenge. I was given the Nokia Lumia 920  #windowsphone to explore and use it for my daily activities. I have fallen in love with this phone from the time I saw it because of its sleek, modern, innovative design. It is very comfortable to hold and handle. 
This phone is definitely impressive, as I have been having my family, friends and colleagues wanting to check it out and wanting the same for themselves.