October 9, 2015

Microsoft Committed to 21st Century Learning and Empowering Teachers

To celebrate this year’s World Teachers’ Day that happened on October 5th 2015 Microsoft Canada and Staples Canada partnered and committed to empowering 21st Century learning and recognizing 21 schools across Canada where teachers have made an impact in their community with the #ThankYouTeacher initiative. Check this video that Microsoft has created where everyday and prominent Canadians say thanks.

This is just one example of Microsoft’s commitment to helping children in the classroom embrace technology while recognizing the teachers that integrate technology into their lesson plans. Microsoft has committed to being a partner in education, with programs designed to empower parents, teachers and students to achieve more through training, resources, and education savings. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that over four million Canadian students were eligible to access Office at no cost, saving families up to $200 million. Students can check their eligibility at microsoft.ca/freeoffice.  
A national parent-teacher study conducted online on behalf of Microsoft Canada in August 2015 that polled 422 teachers and 507 parents across Canada found 88% of Canadian teachers and 80% of parents agree that it is important to use technology in the classroom. This research suggests that the use of technology leads to better student engagement and more efficient learning. Teachers mentioned that technology leads to higher student engagement, when used effectively it enables students to learn, empowers personalized learning, strengthens the curriculum development, and improve student’s learning outcomes.

Teachers provided insight on the tools they currently leverage in the classroom, which include:
  • 68% incorporate Microsoft Office
  • 67% incorporate video
  • 33% incorporate gaming
  • 32% incorporate social networking
40% of teachers believe that students do not presently have sufficient access to devices at home and at school. Since more than 80% of grade 3 to 8 teachers assign homework requiring access to a device, and 70% requiring access to productivity software there is a need for the school boards to improve this access for the quality of students' education. In preparing students for their futures, 85% of teachers agree that knowing how to use Microsoft Office is a critical success factor for post-secondary and career readiness. Both parents and teachers say they believe that the future of education in Canada depends on how effectively we integrate technology into the classroom.

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  1. Great information! I always wish I new how to use the Office Suite more effectively.

  2. This is interesting. We never had these things when I went to school and today some kids don't have tablets or computers at home. I think its great they have a chance to learn at a young age/

  3. My husband and i were just talking about schools and technology last night. We were wondering if kids are learning how to do internet research as well as learning how to use word programs etc.

  4. Some interesting information here. I find teachers are using more and more technology in the schools.

  5. Microsoft does some great things!!

  6. Great information - definitely some stats I was not aware of!


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