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February 16, 2015

Ask Questions from Experts at the #RBCFirstHome Chat

When buying a new home, we all have lots of questions. During this process, asking experts before making final decisions are helpful. I am glad that there will be a #RBCFirstHome chat on February 17th from 8:30 pm to 9:30pm ET where RBC has invited a Lawyer, Realtor, Design, Home Builders, Home Experts and Mortgage experts to help answer our questions. 

November 23, 2014

RBC Avion Holiday Boutique

Although shopping at the malls during busy seasons, with bustling crowds isn't always pleasant, it is unavoidable if we want to take advantage of the sales. My family and I enjoyed the comforts of the RBC Avion program last year, and we are planning on using the boutique this year during shopping as well. This year, I went to the pre-launch event at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre, and checked out the new space with lots of holiday cheer and decoration. 

August 19, 2014

Win a Gift Card and Learn How To Earn Extra Points as RBC Rewards Members

RBC helps RBC Rewards member understand how to benefit and earn twelve times the points by shopping online through the during one of the more expensive times of year to be a parent - Back to School. The 'how-to' video by moms help us learn how to best use the site and benefit.

December 1, 2013

Benefits of Being An Avioner This Holiday

During the holidays, shopping malls can get very hectic, crowded and busy. However, having an Avion RBC card changes the feeling of chaos and makes us feel like "royalty" instead. With the RBC Visa Avion card, we can get our car parked by valet, relax in the VIP lounge away from the crowd and enjoy shortbread cookies and warm beverages, while our gifts get wrapped for free.

September 13, 2013

Importance Of Saving For Our Children's Future

Everyone's family financial situations are unique, so there is no one solution or strategy that fits all of us when it comes to saving money for our children's future and education. Since there isn't one solution sometimes it is best to hear what other families are doing to save money.