August 14, 2012

LunchHugs review and giveaway

Having lunch at school is a time when children talk to their friends and play.  These cards from LunchHugs will entertain children during the lunch hour at school. It is something they can show and share with their friends as well.
My children enjoyed decorating the box to put our keepsakes.  We like the variety of cards that are in the sets. The jokes in the cards are funny, it is easy for children to remember them and use it with their friends. The fun facts, brainteasers, messages of love and encouragement will be really appreciated by children.
There are 7 collections sets.  Each set has 10 colourful cards, envelopes and sticker seals.

Collection #1 Jokes are really cute and funny.
What do you call a fairy that refuses to take a bath? Stinkerbell

Collection #2 Did you know? Have fun facts and brainteasers to help train children to think.
Did you know 99% of people cannot lick their elbows? 
Did you try :)

Collection #3 Mushy Mommy have 5 cards that starts with "Have I told you..." and 5 cards "When I see you I would love to hear..." these cards prompt children to share daily events with you and the family.
Have I told you... I love you this much!!!!
When I see you... I would love to hear about the best part of your day!

Collection #4  Blank cards with decorative borders allow us to write our own messages, jokes or funny facts.

Collection #5 Assorted set has a variety
How do you make milkshakes? Sneak up on a cow and yell boo!
Did you know a giraffe can clean its own ears with its tongue?

Collection #6 Assorted set two
Did you know if a frog eats too many fireflies he can start to glow?

Collection #7 Assorted set three
What makes the sound zzub, zzub, zzub? Bees flying backwards!
These sets make lovely gifts as children love getting cards from parents, grandparents and family/friends.
Each set can be bought online for $3.99.  These good quality cards are cheaper than buying cards sold in stores. 

This is a good product for school/camp fundraisers.  

Each set has 10 cards, 10 envelopes and 25 stickers for $5.00 where $2.00 goes to the fundraising organization.
If you would like to win a complete set and "decorate your won" lunch box.
Please become fans on Facebook, twitter of Lunch hugs and Createwithmom and tweet about this giveaway.  Please use the rafflecopter below and leave a comment on this post.
This giveaway is open to everyone in US and Canada ends on September 5th.
Update: The winner is Tami
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