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Monday, August 17, 2015

Yoga for Kids

I love how Gaiam is involving the whole family to start becoming mindful and active. Gaiam, a leading yoga, fitness and wellness company has a new Yoga for Kids product collection with yoga mats and several colourful yoga accessories, including yoga socks, backpacks and water bottles available at select stores, Amazon and Practicing yoga together provides an opportunity for play, exercise and creativity that everyone in the entire family can share and enjoy. Family yoga is known to help build communication skills, confidence, and trust. 

Jabra Sport Coach is perfect for Our Workout Routines

Need inspiration for your next workout? The Jabra Sport Coach is here to help with all our exercise and fitness goals. The Jabra Sport Coach is the world’s first wireless workout solution that can not only help us listen to our favorite music in premium Dolby sound, but also motivate us by tracking and coaching our workout routines.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

“My Healthy™” Shifts the Conversation about Weight Loss from Just Pounds Lost to Health Gained

My Healthy™ is an interactive and motivational campaign that shifts the focus of the obesity conversation away from just pounds lost to health gained. Almost 70 percent of Americans are affected by obesity or overweight. The cornerstone of the campaign is the My Healthy™ Promise, a commitment to set realistic goals and recognize that for those who are affected by obesity, every positive step counts. Making small, positive steps, like making the My Healthy™ Promise, eating a healthy meal, making healthy food choices, taking a walk, being more active or having a productive conversation with their doctor about weight and health will help.

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year’s Boutique Start Something New

The beginning of a New Year is when most of us make new resolutions to start or continue things that benefit us. I started off this year with a few resolutions and one of them is to learn about and concentrate on having a healthier lifestyle. To assist me with this process, I checked out a few colourful and informative DK books that I think everyone should read and benefit from.