August 17, 2015

Yoga for Kids

I love how Gaiam is involving the whole family to start becoming mindful and active. Gaiam, a leading yoga, fitness and wellness company has a new Yoga for Kids product collection with yoga mats and several colourful yoga accessories, including yoga socks, backpacks and water bottles available at select stores, Amazon and Practicing yoga together provides an opportunity for play, exercise and creativity that everyone in the entire family can share and enjoy. Family yoga is known to help build communication skills, confidence, and trust. 

My children love their colourful Gaiam Yoga mat. The bright colours and patterns make these mats really exciting for children to shake out their sillies and get moving. These mats in kid-size are designed for children between 5 and 8 years. It measure 60" L x 24" W, and is 3mm thick. Since the mats have a non-slip surface, it helps children take proper grips during the yoga poses without slipping. The mats are made with lightweight PVC material, ideal for those with latex sensitivities and are free of the six harmful phthalates (6P). 

My daughter loves the colour combination on her mat with the flower design, and my son enjoys the cute blue rocket with the geometric design on his mat. The Gaiam Kids mats are available in five fun, kid-oriented designs for $20. These mats are perfect to take anywhere and have a peaceful Yoga session. 
To make Yoga easy and fun for children Gaiam has a few videos that children can follow along with their parents, siblings, friends, or on their own. Gaiam Family Yoga DVD for ages 3 and up is available for $13 instructed by Rodney Yee. The program includes a complete yoga practice for every age group from child to pre-teen to adult. They emphasize how yoga can be practiced together to benefit everyone individually and the family as a whole. Includes: Sun Salutations; Standing Poses to create a rhythm and introduce alignment and strength, Back bends; Arm Balances to build trust and confidence; Sitting; Relaxation to strengthen the union of your family and enjoy silence together.
My children's favourite video to follow is Yoga for Kids: Dino-Mite Adventure led by yoga instructor Jodi Komitor, as it travels back in time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. This video for children ages 5 and up is perfect for children because it is in terms they can easily understand and grasp. Since my children love dinosaurs they enjoyed doing the four different sessions that the DVD includes: Baby Brontosaurus, Dino-mite Yoga, Dino Dig and Bonus Dino Duo. The sessions are not too long so children can do one session a day and feel completely satisfied. I enjoyed doing following the Yoga sessions in this video along with my children, and found it fun and educational. The way the instructions are led will allow children to imagine the way dinosaurs are and help them move their bodies with ease. 

Yoga makes our bodies healthy and teaches concentration, balance, to be calm, and is wonderful way to learn self control and mindfulness. This is a wonderful way to keep children healthy and active all year around. 

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  1. I love Gaiam products.They are so innovative and inspiring for both children and adults too!This video looks like fun for the kids and I like the fact that it's down to earth in layman's terms so that they can understand it.

  2. Looks like a great way to get kids to calm down and focus :)

  3. This video looks like a fun one for the kids

  4. sound like great product and good to keep the kids active


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