August 17, 2015

Jabra Sport Coach is perfect for Our Workout Routines

Need inspiration for your next workout? The Jabra Sport Coach is here to help with all our exercise and fitness goals. The Jabra Sport Coach is the world’s first wireless workout solution that can not only help us listen to our favorite music in premium Dolby sound, but also motivate us by tracking and coaching our workout routines.

The design of the Jabra Sport Coach is similar to other bluetooth earphones, but what the Sport Coach does makes it unique. It is slightly bigger than other earphones, as the right earbud houses the micro-USB connection for charging and the other earbud holds the TrackFit™ motion sensor with the remote and microphone built into the cable.
Since the Jabra Sport Coach is specifically marketed for workouts lets check to see how and what it does. All the workout information is in the new Jabra Sports Life App which works with iOS or Android. 
The app includes activities such as Cross-training, Cycling, Hiking, running skating, and walking. Cross-training has about 40 exercises to choose from and is divided into circuits such as Hardcore, Take off, Bellyburn, PushPerfection, and Madcore. Each Circuit contains appropriate workouts as its name suggests. Each circuit is split into reps and rest times. I’ve tried doing the Cardicore, don’t let the short 4 minutes duration fool you. It does give enough sweat and motivates to try more sets. Although, the app takes some getting used to, it gives a graphical illustration and a description of each exercise. We can also set our own customized workout, which is really cool. 
So does the Track Motion Sensor of the Jabra Sport Coach keep track of each rep during your cross training workout? 

No. It only keeps track of the app and says out loud what is going on with the app. So I could "miscount" my reps and still finish the workout. This is a bit of a let down, although I am not sure if it could be fixed with a firmware update. For other activites such as cycling and running the TrackFit™ motion sensor of Jabra Sports Coach works perfectly keeping track of our average speed, distance, pace, cadence, time, and calories burnt. The only thing it doesn’t do is measure our heartbeat, which would have been awesome. This heartrate sensor is available in the Jabra Sports Pulse earbuds.

The in-ear audio coaching is a great idea by Jabra, as it is really motivating. It has a female British accent to help keep us focused on the activity ahead. I only wish Jabra could integrate other voices to its in-ear coaching.
For the earpiece to work well it has to fit perfectly in our ear without being a hindrance and not give any discomfort. The Jabra Sport Coach addresses this with an assortment of ear wings for stability and Eargels for comfort. I was able to find my correct size and comfort and once I did, the earbuds stayed firm and snug in my ear during workouts. Listening to music during workouts is a treat as the Dolby enhanced sound brings depth and clarity to the audio tracks. The box includes a license for the Jaba Sound app which is a music player that plays our stored music and streamed YouTube content in full Dolby sound.

Battery life for the Jabra Sport coach is rated at 5.5 hours, which might be a little shorter for some but enough to last for a week with about 30 minutes of exercise each day. For outdoor workouts such as running and cycling the Jabra Sport coach is built towards US military standards, which is IP55 rated and is sweat, shock, dust, and weatherproof. The Jabra Sport coach has become an integral part of my morning workout routine and despite its added hardware such as the TrackFit™ motion sensor it is very lightweight and comfortable.

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