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March 16, 2016

Building our own rolling DIY Door and Organizing with Rev-a-shelf

building a rolling barn door DIY
We love the concept of barn doors, rolling door, and pocket doors because they are neat and trendy! We were so excited that we were able to include a sliding door in our #BathroomReno project. We had a closet outside the washroom, where we keep our linen. To access this closet we needed to come out of the washroom, which was not convenient. When we were planning our renovation, we decided to bring the closet inside the bathroom, which would allow us to have more space and use it functionally.  

March 14, 2016

Adding Style and Sophistication with Delta Dryden #BathroomReno

delta dryden collection
For our recent bathroom renovation project, we used Delta products because of our positive past experience with their bathroom and kitchen products. I like the spectrum of finishes and styles Delta has. I think the choice of what finish and style we choose to add, changes the feel of our space. 

March 11, 2016

Building a Custom Vanity #BathroomReno DIY

DIY custom vanity
In our #BathroomReno we decided to build our own custom vanity to fit our need and space. Instead of spending money for a ready-made vanity that restricts what we want in our vanity, our decision to build one allowed us to add a variety of features we wanted.

February 11, 2015

Touch2O Technology in Our Kitchen

We trust Delta products and love the ease of installing their accessories, hand shower, and the Touch2O Technology faucet. Our experience with the fabulous Touch2O Technology in our bathroom geared us towards the same type of luxury in the kitchen when we were planning on our #KitchenReno. Once you get used to the features of the Touch2O Technology, I am sure you too will not be able to think of any other type of faucet.

February 4, 2014

Delta Accessories to Spark Up Our Bathroom

delta lahara accessories
Every bathroom to be comfortable and complete needs useful, strong accessories. We used the Lahara collection Delta accessories to spark up our #BathroomReno. Adding themed accessories gives a unique, and useful touch to our bathroom. We installed the Lahara toilet paper holder, towel ring, 24" towel bar and robe hook, which gives a wonderful accent to the entire bathroom. 

January 16, 2014

Elegance and Convenience in Our Shower Stall

There are lots of benefits in having a hand shower in the shower stall. I like using the hand shower since it gives us the freedom of movement. It is convenient for everyone in the family with different heights to use. Having a hand shower in a home with children, seniors and pets is helpful. I find using the hand shower to clean the shower stall surface, allows us to easily remove soap residue and grime. Using the handheld shower also helps conserve water. 

January 12, 2014

Adding Lahara Touch2O Technology Faucet To Our Bathroom

You may already know about our DIY #BathroomReno project, we started a couple of months ago. I am glad our hard work during some evenings and weekends are paying off and the project is coming together to reflect our vision. With so many options available in today's market, my husband and I planned to invest and make our bathroom modern and eco-friendly. 

August 28, 2012

Our stay at Delta Markham

We went on a mini-getaway to Delta Markham to celebrate a special occasion. The atmosphere in this hotel is calm and colourful. The concierge and the front desk staff are very friendly at Delta Markham. I liked the welcoming setting of the hotel lobby that had a theme of red and black furniture. Children were welcome with a toy and a book.
The bed decor and the furniture in the room we stayed at was light coloured and airy. The room had a coffee machine, kettle, sugar, coffee, tea, microwave, mini fridge, glasses and mugs that was comfortable to have inside the room.  

The room also had an iron, ironing table, hair dryer, fully stocked washroom and a separate area to get ready. The television had lots of channels without extra cost.  
Delta is part of the green program and have taken steps by encouraging the guests to reuse towels and bedsheets during their stay. They also had a separate blue box for our recycle inside the room. The hotel also has amenities such as a swimming pool, hot tub and gym.
One downside during our stay was the internet connection, which didn't connect to the wireless. Whenever it did the internet was slow and disconnected often; so I couldn't use the laptop. Instead I just used the phone during my stay at the hotel and not having the internet didn't bother me too much as I was enjoying the stay and did some shopping around the area :) The hotel has a room where we can use the computer, scanner, fax etc if needed. 

There is an in room menu that we can order from.  They also had a colourful directory of restaurants that were close to the area. The Tivoli garden lounge located in the lobby level of the hotel is spacious and beautiful to spend anytime of the day. They also have a separate area to hold meetings, banquets and parties.

It is good to know that Delta helps the community by donating reusable goods and furniture to habitat for humanity, women's shelters etc.
Delta has a privileged recognition program to appreciate people who stay a lot at the hotel. Overall, we had a comfortable stay that we all enjoyed. It is a lovely place to getaway from the busy everyday life, have meetings, parties and weddings. Delta gift cards would be a lovely gift to treat friends and family so they can enjoy a stay at the hotel.

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