January 16, 2014

Elegance and Convenience in Our Shower Stall

There are lots of benefits in having a hand shower in the shower stall. I like using the hand shower since it gives us the freedom of movement. It is convenient for everyone in the family with different heights to use. Having a hand shower in a home with children, seniors and pets is helpful. I find using the hand shower to clean the shower stall surface, allows us to easily remove soap residue and grime. Using the handheld shower also helps conserve water. 
We installed this elegant, convenient, classically styled 5-spray Delta hand shower with a 69" long hose to our shower stall. The faucet and finish has lifetime warranty because of its Brilliance® finish that is designed to not corrode, tarnish or discolour despite the type of cleaner we use. The flow rate of this hand shower is 2.0 gmp, which allows the water to flow slower and helps conserve water. There are five settings in this hand shower, which includes the massaging spray, full spray with massage, soft drenching with massage and full body spray.
I like that this solid Delta hand shower has a 24" wall bar with an adjustable slide, which is convenient for tall and short bathers. We can set the shower head on the wall bar and adjust the height to allow the water to hit the muscles we want.
We found this to be an easy, do-it-yourself project with the helpful instructions.
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  1. Looks very nice!! Very sleek and elegant :) I like that it's easy enough to do yourself. Great review!

  2. Ooooh very beautiful look indeed :) Great job!

    1. Thank you we really like how beautiful and useful it is

  3. Great review, much simpler than I thought. thanks for the post

  4. Looks awesome. I really like the handiness of it.

  5. Looks great! Thanks for the review!

  6. I love the look of that shower head!! Trust Delta to come up with another great product!

  7. Looks great, we need a new shower head for our bathroom!

  8. We just installed a Delta rain shower in our shower but I think I should have included this as an option (along with the rain shower). It would make it so much easier to rinse the girls hair without getting soap in their eyes.


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