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Monday, June 5, 2017

BigSteelBox A Solution for Storage During Renovations and Moving

bigsteelbox storage solution
In the past few years, we've done a number of different renovations around the home and most recently renovated our basement, bathroom and kitchen. When undertaking these big scale home renovation projects, it can become quite stressful when living in the same space. Clearing the space helps, but finding additional space to store the items can be difficult. We also found everything in the home gets covered with fine dust, which means we need to constantly clean up; so, having lots of things around doesn’t make it easy. In our experience, we felt when the space is not cleared the furniture and belongings get in the way and become a hassle, and it is hard to envision the full potential of the space.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

OXO POP Cereal Dispenser and GreenSaver

I love this OXO POP Cereal Dispenser! It comes in 3 sizes; 2.3L, 3.2L, 4.2L to meet our storage needs. The one handed pop open lid makes this a perfect container to store cereal because of the ease of pouring the cereal through the spout.