September 1, 2021

Moving House Checklist

house moving checklist
It has been said that during the course of being an adult getting a divorce, changing career, and moving house are the top 3 stress creators that anyone will experience. So to make moving day a little less stressful, here’s a quick checklist to keep you on top of things.

Before you even start the process of packing, get a couple of weeks’ head start on all of your things by decluttering your home, room by room. It is truly a thing of wonder to behold how much "stuff" we accumulate over time that we’ve either forgotten about, or have absolutely no use for them. If you can get a handle on all of this before you start packing, you’ll save time and precious space. You could also think about short-term storage for the things you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t have use for at this stage.

Schedule your packing
Do a room audit and then go through each space of your home and create a "packing schedule" starting with the rooms least used and leaving the bedrooms for last. Remember to do an inventory of, well everything so that you know what’s going in where and more to the point, which room it’s going to on the other end.

Keep a "survival bag"
Set aside all of the items you use every day. Toiletries, cosmetics, medication, favourite kids toys, etc. and remember to keep your survival bag away from everything else to prevent it from getting caught up in a box.

Remember to keep all of your utilities up-to-date or paid-up completely before you close that front door, for the last time. This not only keeps your finances in order but also creates that all-important psychological goodbye. While you’re at it, remember to make sure that your new home is fully set up before you move. It makes a big difference being able to get a hot shower and watch a bit of Netflix on day 1.

The early bird
We are all guilty of making this mistake, "I'm going to start packing, tomorrow". But it really makes the world of difference if you start packing as soon as it's possible. If you can ship the kids off to their grandparents for a couple of days this will buy you precious time and help you make some solid gains.

Book a removal company
Seriously. Plan in advance, save accordingly, and hire a moving company. Have a look at for estimates and some great moving day advice. We cannot overstress this advice, it seems like a good idea to save some money and hire a truck but you have no idea what you're getting yourself into. This is one area where you want to "throw some money at the problem".

Spend one last night together
Moving home is not just stressful on parents, but on children too. They’ve had a lifetime of memories in this place and may even have a pet buried in the garden. So spending some time with your family around one last pizza night, is a great way to bond and say goodbye.

Hope this checklist will come in handy during your process of moving homes.

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