August 31, 2021

Giving a Sleek Modern Look to our Front Door with Schlage Encode

schlage encode
We recently upgraded our front door hardware to make it modern, simple and functional. The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi deadbolt and the Century Trim handleset worked out well for the look we were going for. The Century trim has straight edges with a minimalistic design which makes it look sleek and elegant against the colour of the door we chose to keep.
schlage encode
Installing the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi deadbolt is an easy DIY especially if you are replacing an existing door lock. We simply removed the old lock and installed the Smart lock in place. Schlage has made installation even easier with the Schlage Encode by making the deadbolt snap in place while installing so that this can be done by one person. The lock is compatible with all standard doors. All that was needed to install the lock was a Philips screwdriver and 15 minutes. The lock comes with an associated Schlage Home app for Android and iOS devices. The Smart features of the lock are setup using this app. You can even use the lock and change codes without your smartphone, but what’s the fun in that! 
schlage encode
The Schlage encode is very simple to use. We like the large number pad. There are no complicated buttons, the interface is simple and straightforward. This makes it easier for seniors to use it as well. If the lighting is low, you can press the home button to illuminate the touchscreen to see the numbers or use the lock button to turn on the keypad backlight when the door is locked. The touchscreen is finger print resistant; even after weeks of use I have not seen any fingermarks or any oily residue. 

The Schlage Encode has Wi-Fi built in. So rather than having an extra accessory such as a Hub to be plugged in, everything is on the lock itself. This can reduce the battery life somewhat, however there are things that can be done to increase the battery life such as removing the keypress beep using the app. You can also get your router closer if possible, to ensure the lock has a consistent strong connection rather than wasting battery to always keep a steady Wi-Fi connection.
schlage encode
Schlage estimates the lock’s battery life to last about 6 months with normal use but the lock gives a warning several times before the batteries die. The Wi-Fi setup for the lock was straightforward. Once you insert the 4 AA batteries, the app was able to detect the lock and guided us to connect to our home Wi-Fi and also to create a Schlage Account.

The app has a lot of features. In addition to the lock /unlock feature, we like the code management feature. The code management feature is where you can assign a unique code to every family member. The virtual key feature is very helpful if you have someone working in your house and you need to give temporary access to your home. You can easily delete the temporary key code and disable access when the work is done. The app tells you when the door was opened and closed including which code was used. This is very helpful if you have kids at school, as the app notifies you when your child gets home. The Schlage Home app allows you to create up to 100 unique codes and name them individually so you can easily manage.
schlage encode
The Schlage Encode can be easily locked by pressing the Lock button. Sometimes this can be easily forgotten and the door would stay unlocked. With the Schlage Encode Wi-Fi lock you can easily lock the door remotely from anywhere using the app. Another feature which we love is the Auto lock feature. You can set the Encode to lock automatically after a set interval from 15 seconds up to 4 minutes.

Even with the built in Wi-Fi, the lock is not bulky or big. Compared to the Schlage Connect door lock, this lock is smaller so we had to do some touch up to cover the marks from the previous lock. If you haven't saved any leftover paint, then it is best to note down the paint colour. This will save you some hassle in the future.

Although Google assistant and Alexa are supported by the Schlage Encode there is no support for Apple Home Kit. There are no options to enable Siri Shortcuts on the Schlage Home app either.

Another perk of going keyless is the convenience of not needing to cut keys for each family member. If you are planning on going keyless, check the Schlage Style Selector, it will help in narrowing down the correct product and style for your needs and space.

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