August 27, 2021

Benefits of Using Self Storage Units

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When it comes to organizing your home, if you have too much "stuff," chances are you won't feel as organized or as clutter-free as you are aiming for. That is unless you discard items you do not frequently use, only to repurchase them, and the cycle repeats.

Self-storage units aren't just for those travelling or in between permanent residences. It is a good option for those with smaller living spaces. Using mini storage units could be the answer to your organizational woes! Here are benefits with having storage units. 

Declutter Your Home
Seasonal items and clothing can take up a lot of storage space. And chances are, you don't want to keep buying year after year due to not having any place to store your holiday decor or seasonal clothing. Instead, package it up, label it and put it into storage until you need it again. This way, you can bring it home for when you need it.

All self-storage units will have on-site security and be safe from vandalism and theft. It is one of the more appealing aspects of self-storage, especially if you are away from home frequently. Keeping your belongings or high-value items in self-storage can protect them from being taken in the event of a burglary or even a fire or natural disaster at home. For example, if you have expensive jewelry and watches that you hardly wear, then adding them to your storage items could be an option.

Extra Space When Needed
Your self-storage unit will be an extension of your home. Exactly how big your unit is will depend on the size you are paying for. But if you have the option to come and go and add or remove stuff at your own leisure, then this can offer you added storage for times when you are decorating or remodelling your home. Or when you are moving, and you need to put items in storage during the transition period. 

If you are looking to downsize your home but aren't ready or cannot take belongings or furniture with you, a storage unit can be a great way to retain those items but not have them in your new, smaller home.

Easy Access
If you have many important documents at home or are constantly losing things you need, such as insurance documents, passports, title deeds, etc., having them in a safe storage unit can help you avoid damage or loss. If you need them, you will know exactly where they are. When putting items and sensitive and essential documents into storage, always take a picture of each box. Record individual items you put in there so you can easily see what you have in storage. Keep a list of everything and label all boxes to avoid needing to open up all the boxes to find items.

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