August 27, 2021

Summer Reads

we are not like them book
I have come across people who have said they don’t recognize racism, they don’t see the difference, or even say that it is just an excuse people use to get what they want, while secretly being thankful for their inherited privileges such as the colour of their skin while others can’t change theirs. How many people can genuinely say that they have not judged someone consciously or unconsciously based on a person’s looks?The person that is being judged carries the brunt that leaves scars, damages self esteem, and even takes lives. The person that has wronged hesitates to own up or feel bad because if they do, then they would feel the guilt of all the privileges they have and the norms that generations before have built and embedded in every part of our society for this person to take advantage of. 

Could these norms be completely uprooted? To me, this seems impossible with unjust laws and inherent biases leaving me with the question- will society ever be able to treat people justly and not base opinions on something we have no control over like the colour of our skin? Why is fair skin more valued than darker skin tones? No one can deny that racism does not exist even in a country that claims to be multicultural and accepting. We have seen this happening for centuries everywhere around the world.

We Are Not Like Them is a thought-provoking novel told from alternating perspectives of Jen and Riley, two best friends who are more like sisters. Jen is a pregnant white women married to the police officer that is involved in the shooting of an unarmed black teenager. Riley is a television journalist that is covering this story and trying to become one of the first Black female anchors of the top news channel in their hometown of Philadelphia. The story is about what their friendship goes through, how the bonds of relationships are not based on race, but how much it affects their lives, and more. This is a must read book that says it like it is! 
praying to the west
Not only has years of mainstream media and politics done injustice to people of colour, but also to the peaceful religion of Islam. Islam has been judged by the actions of those who claim to be following the religion, not by what the religion teaches. While other religions are not judged by the harm caused by individuals or what religious leaders have done. The recent incidents of Muslims being targeted, although they have no personal connection to any incident that has caused harm to others. Many Muslims around the world are dying simply because of their faith, which is hard to fathom. People need to do their own learning, be it that you are born into a religion or not and follow the simple principal live and let live. Praying to the West How Muslims Shaped the Americas is about Journalist Omar Mouallem travelling and discovering the history of communities all over North and South America.
book home of the floating lily
Home of the Floating Lily by Silmy Abdullah is a collection of short stories about leaving behind a home in search of another and how migration impacts lives and relationships. The eight different stories follow the complexities of migration, displacement, love, friendship, and family conflict in Bengali immigrant families based in Toronto neighbourhoods. 

In each of the stories, characters embark on difficult journeys in search of love, dignity, and a sense of belonging. I like how the author describes the details of the sounds, the smells, the reactions of the characters, the emotions which made it easier to imagine and understand. I couldn’t put down the book until I read every story. I really enjoyed the twist, the spin, and the surprises in these stories which made them interesting. A bit about each story without spoilers. 
  • A Good Family is about a newly wedded couple trying to build a life and career, and how the wife’s life changes after she gets to know more about her husband. 
  • A Secret Affair is about a man and how his relationships impact his life. 
  • Across the Ocean about loosing loved ones and trying to hold on to hope. 
  • All the Adjustments about family obligations, jealousy and belonging.
  • Familiar Journey tells the story about the obstacles of not being able to be who you are, feeling lost not having a sense of belonging, but yet again how people come together in adversity.  
  • The Middle Path about parents giving up their dreams for the betterment of their children’s lives by moving countries, but children choosing their own paths that doesn’t fit with the dreams of the parents. 
  • Reflection about marriage, friendship, and trust.
  • Home of the Floating Lily a relationship between a mother and an adopted daughter, domestic violence, betrayal, and more. 
If you are planning on some interesting well-written novels check out these three books: Home of the Floating Lily, Praying to the West, and We Are Not Like Them. 

Disclosure: Received these books for review. Please note that all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. All rights reserved on photographs and written content Createwithmom © 2010 - 2021. Please Ask First

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