August 26, 2021

Tips to Make Your Laptop Last Longer

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Buying a laptop is a big investment, so you want to make it worthwhile. Taking care of your new tech and ensuring you maintain it should be a priority if you want to keep it efficient, performing well, and last a long time.
Just like how you treat your car, clean and hoover it, top up the oil, and regular service checks, the same can be said for your laptop. With extra care, you can extend its lifespan and increase the performance.

Here are 4 things you can do to take care of your tech.

#1 Keep it up to date
It’s very easy (and common) to hit skip when the option to update applications and software pops up. They take time and always ask at the most inconvenient times. But they certainly shouldn’t be skipped. When you skip these, you are missing out on opportunities to keep your laptop up to date with the latest security updates and bug fixes, as well as ways to optimize your laptop.

If you use your laptop a lot and don’t want to automate these updates, then it is a good idea to schedule maintenance in your diary when you don’t need your laptop for anything important.

#2 Keep it clean
You must take care of your laptop. Dust and dirt can easily build-up, especially if you are prone to eating while you use your laptop. Spend time cleaning it regularly, with the proper tools, to ensure it doesn’t clog up the hardware or fan and it can continue to run properly. You also need to consider cleaning the inside of your laptop from time to time as well. If you use any extra hardware, such as a hard drive, you may need to take it apart and ensure it is clean and clear of dirt.

#3 Keep it cool
If you use your laptop a lot or have had it for a long time, you may notice that it tends to get extremely hot when running certain applications and the fan starts to make loud noises. To reduce your laptop overheating and making a racket, make sure you keep it out of the sun, keep the fan clear of obstacles, and use your laptop on hard surfaces (as opposed to materials, like a pillow on your lap). Read on to learn more about noisy fans.

#4 Don’t ignore issues
If you find that your laptop is not functioning as it usually does, do not ignore this. If you ignore a problem, it is likely to only get worse and in turn, cost you more money. Whether it glitches, gets noisy or something does not seem quite right, make sure you conduct research or speak to a specialist to catch any problems early on.

There are many ways you can maintain your laptop to optimize performance and increase longevity, with a little time and effort.

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