August 25, 2021

Find out how and why some homes slant

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Homes don’t usually slant, but they do sink sometimes. It's common for some homes to sink about 1-2 millimeters every year. At the end of 20 years, it is no surprise if the home has sunk about 2 centimeters. By that time, you will probably want to see about repairing the foundation. But what if the home is slanting and it's pretty new? Sinking and leaning are not the same. Sinking is natural and unstoppable. The ground beneath the foundation is moving and compacting. It usually is not fatal. However, slanting is unnatural and is a sign that the home’s foundations are in serious need of repair.

Slanting is due to the home’s foundation being poor but it could also be due to what the foundation was laid upon. If poor quality soil was paved over, this can mean big trouble ahead. The gravel that was placed on loose or poor quality soil will not have been set properly and the weight of the foundation and home could cause it to shift. If the builders had not used the right materials when laying the foundation the home will slowly move as the soil moves. As the weight pushes straight down the soil will want to move outward, and hence, only one side of the home will be slanting.

To stop it from moving, the soil can be replaced but the job is going to be expensive. It is best to call a foundation repair experts who use black tar. This material will essentially bind the loose soil and create a solid surface that can freeze everything in place. The material is known to be reliable and can withstand the pressures of having a home on top of it without cracking, breaking apart and compressing. The material is reasonably new, becoming popular in 2013 for its strength and adhesive nature.

If the soil beneath the foundation moves too much, it could impact the rest of the ground. Which in turn, can cause a sinkhole effect. So it's best to move out of the house while repairs are being done to the foundation. The sooner you move out the less danger your family will be in and the less the house might move around.

Slanting or leaning of one’s house is a structural issue that can only be resolved by digging up the problem and starting over. Rather than watch your home collapse and sink, call in the experts who can replace materials and bolster the home in place.

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