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March 14, 2013

Kidorable Dinosaurs are backpacking

My son is a huge dinosaur fan, so we were quick to choose this cute dinosaur backpack from Kidorable.  He was very excited to see the colourful bag and loves it.  

September 15, 2012

Kidorable towels review and coupon

Kidorable towels are without a doubt the cutest, adorable, unique towels for children I have seen.  The towels are creative and detailed.  I like that every detail on the towel is well thought out to be functional and unique.  My son is a big dinosaur fan so I chose the dinosaur towel.  Kidorable has a beautiful selection of towels for girls and boys.  

My son really loves this cozy towel and enjoys putting the hands into the unique hand slot in this towel and pretends to be a dinosaur.  I like this as well because it warms their hands faster.
The hood on the towel is big enough to easily wipe the hair of our moving dinosaur that is already in action.  The towel is absorbent and soft so children will allow us to wipe.  It is made with soft absorbent terrycloth with a layer of super soft velour.  Within all the cute details of dinosaur's teeth, eyes, tail, spots, spikes they even have a small piece to hang the towels on a hook.  

These quality towels are light and bright.  The towels are available in small size for children up to 2 years and medium size for children age 3 to 6 years.  The towels are beautifully and creatively packed.  The bag the towel is packed-in will be handy when we are going for swimming classes, beach or wading pools, we can bring the wet towel and clothes back in this reusable bag.  

With this coupon code DRYOFF33 we can get 20% off of our entire order at checkout from Kidorable during September 15th to 30th.  Kidorable products come in so many creative selections that it will make wonderful gifts for children.  Kidorable products are available online for Canadian readers to purchase and in US stores.       

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June 12, 2012

Kidorable hangers

My children like helping me organize most times :) They were really excited to see these cool looking hangers from Kidorable.  
These handcrafted wooden hangers are beautiful.  Kidorable has used very vibrant colours.  My daughter said she likes these hangers compared to her regular ones because its colourful.  She hangs her special clothes in these :)  
We chose this transportation set, which isn't totally gender specific.  This set of hangers come with 6 hangers; I gave each of my children 3.   My daughter and son chose the 3 that they liked to put in their closet.  Although my little guy thought all the hangers were for him and he didn't want to make a choice.  Kidorable has put their name on the back of these neat looking hangers.

I like that the hangers are sturdy enough to hold children's clothing.  As the hangers are lightweight children can comfortably hang their own clothing.  There are no sharp edges.  It is better to use caution and avoid accidents by giving it to an older child over the age of 3 years/school age, so they have more understanding that these aren't toys as it has a hanger hook.  

These hangers from Kidorable would be a lovely gift that will encourage children to organize their clothing.  It would be a cute functional gift for parents to use it in the nursery.  So next time you are looking for a unique gift get these Kidorable hangers which are sold online and are shipped to anywhere in the world. 

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May 25, 2012

Kidorable review and giveaway

Kidorable has adorable rainwear for children; I haven't seen cute products like this anywhere.  The children and parents will enjoy their unique, creative, fabulous collection of products.  We like the quality and cuteness of these affordable Kidorable products.

The stitching and the detailed design on the products show good quality.  My son is a big dinosaur fan and knows a lot about dinosaurs, he even scares us by making different dinosaur sounds :)  My little dinosaur came alive with these super cute dinosaur coat and boots.  He loved the pockets, pictures, spikes, the colour and everything about it.  He couldn't stay still with this on :)

Children will want to have these rain gear on them even when there isn't any rain.  I had to convince my son that there will be plenty of opportunities for him to wear the coat when it is raining.

Kidorable has a lovely selection of themed rain coats and rain boots for all the different fans such as pirates, dragon knight, dinosaur, fireman, frog, space hero for boys and ballerina, butterfly, fairy, lady bug, lotus flower, lucky cat and mermaid for girls.  The coats are made out of PVC and have comfortable polymer lining.  The sizes are from 1T to 6x.  The size chart of the site is detailed, which will help us get the correct size.  The coats also come with free hangers that are unique, wooden, lightweight and cute.

The rain/ mud boots made with natural rubber are really soft and pliable, which is comfortable for growing feet.  The sole of the boots have a good grip and it is easy to clean.  My children and I like the details throughout the boots such as the dinosaur face, eyes, teeth, spikes, texture, design and the attractive realistic colours.  
Kidorable carries boot sizes from size 5 to youth size 2 that come up to mid calf. If your children are like mine; then you know that they can't avoid puddles/mud so rain boots are a good investment.  These cute comfortable boots will make children want to wear it without complaining :)

As a parent, you will love seeing your cuties in the Kidorable rain coats and boots.  Anyone seeing your children with these kidorable products will compliment how good it looks.

My daughter loves the selection they have for the girls, she wanted this ballerina umbrella and was really excited when she got it.  It isn't just an umbrella; the details and design will bring out the ballerina in the little ones.  We love every part of this 100% nylon umbrella; the pictures, colours, the shape, the cute ribbon on top and the unique comfortable handle.  The umbrella is a good size that is big enough to protect them from the rain.  It would also be good to have when it is sunny.  My ballet queen is trying to find every opportunity to use it; she is out with it in rain and shine.

Kidorable has impressively made their products functional and cute.  The products are shipped to anywhere in the world and can easily be purchased online.  
Any child receiving these products will enjoy it.  Parents will appreciate the affordable prices and will be happy to see how cute their children look in these.

Kidorable has lots of umbrella designs.  If you want to win one of their umbrellas, please leave a comment saying which design of umbrella your little one will like to win.  
The giveaway is open to people in USA and Canada till June 5th.  
Please follow Kidorable on twitter and Facebook to get special discounts/deals.
With a purchase of $20 worth of products they are giving away a free umbrella to delight children around the world.
Please follow my twitter and Facebook so I can announce the winner and contact you.
Update: The winner is Cheryl

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