June 12, 2012

Kidorable hangers

My children like helping me organize most times :) They were really excited to see these cool looking hangers from Kidorable.  
These handcrafted wooden hangers are beautiful.  Kidorable has used very vibrant colours.  My daughter said she likes these hangers compared to her regular ones because its colourful.  She hangs her special clothes in these :)  
We chose this transportation set, which isn't totally gender specific.  This set of hangers come with 6 hangers; I gave each of my children 3.   My daughter and son chose the 3 that they liked to put in their closet.  Although my little guy thought all the hangers were for him and he didn't want to make a choice.  Kidorable has put their name on the back of these neat looking hangers.

I like that the hangers are sturdy enough to hold children's clothing.  As the hangers are lightweight children can comfortably hang their own clothing.  There are no sharp edges.  It is better to use caution and avoid accidents by giving it to an older child over the age of 3 years/school age, so they have more understanding that these aren't toys as it has a hanger hook.  

These hangers from Kidorable would be a lovely gift that will encourage children to organize their clothing.  It would be a cute functional gift for parents to use it in the nursery.  So next time you are looking for a unique gift get these Kidorable hangers which are sold online and are shipped to anywhere in the world. 

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