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October 21, 2014

Must Have Travel Products For Our Outdoor Adventures

This iPod or iPhone 5 sleek E-Case with access to the headphone jack allowed me to experience complete functionality even when it was raining outside because of its waterproof protection. The waterproof SealLock zipper guarantees protection from all the elements. This e-case allows the phone to withstand for 30 minutes when it is submersed into 1 meter of water.

September 15, 2012

Kidorable towels review and coupon

Kidorable towels are without a doubt the cutest, adorable, unique towels for children I have seen.  The towels are creative and detailed.  I like that every detail on the towel is well thought out to be functional and unique.  My son is a big dinosaur fan so I chose the dinosaur towel.  Kidorable has a beautiful selection of towels for girls and boys.  

My son really loves this cozy towel and enjoys putting the hands into the unique hand slot in this towel and pretends to be a dinosaur.  I like this as well because it warms their hands faster.
The hood on the towel is big enough to easily wipe the hair of our moving dinosaur that is already in action.  The towel is absorbent and soft so children will allow us to wipe.  It is made with soft absorbent terrycloth with a layer of super soft velour.  Within all the cute details of dinosaur's teeth, eyes, tail, spots, spikes they even have a small piece to hang the towels on a hook.  

These quality towels are light and bright.  The towels are available in small size for children up to 2 years and medium size for children age 3 to 6 years.  The towels are beautifully and creatively packed.  The bag the towel is packed-in will be handy when we are going for swimming classes, beach or wading pools, we can bring the wet towel and clothes back in this reusable bag.  

With this coupon code DRYOFF33 we can get 20% off of our entire order at checkout from Kidorable during September 15th to 30th.  Kidorable products come in so many creative selections that it will make wonderful gifts for children.  Kidorable products are available online for Canadian readers to purchase and in US stores.       

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