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October 21, 2014

Must Have Travel Products For Our Outdoor Adventures

This iPod or iPhone 5 sleek E-Case with access to the headphone jack allowed me to experience complete functionality even when it was raining outside because of its waterproof protection. The waterproof SealLock zipper guarantees protection from all the elements. This e-case allows the phone to withstand for 30 minutes when it is submersed into 1 meter of water.

October 18, 2014

Keeping Our Body Warm with a Baselayer and Hydrated with Platypus

This Platypus Soft Bottle is perfect to take with us anywhere we go to keep us hydrated. This awesome Platypus Soft Bottle has a dual-valve Hyperflow cap that allows us to easily bite to drink, and control the flow of the water. I like that we don't have to bite the valve hard, and even if anyone bites the bottle it does not get bite marks even when it is bitten on. If we do bite it hard, it could cut off the flow of the water. The travel valve shuts down when we twist it, so the water does not leak when the bottle is under pressure.