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September 20, 2014

Easy to make delicious Madeleines

This Madeleine recipe is one of my favourites. I make it often because it is made with a few ingredients and I can make the mixture ahead of time and leave it in the fridge until I am ready to bake. These are perfect snacks to cozy up during cool evenings with a cup of coffee or warm milk. These yummy Madeleines would also be wonderful to enjoy during the Thanksgiving weekend when families get together.

August 19, 2014

Hearty Sandwiches with Ivanhoe Cheese

ivanhoe cheese
School nights can become hectic sometimes, with running to after-school activities and getting homework and projects done. I like to make sure we have the ingredients available for our favourite, healthy, quick meals during the school year handy, as the nights arrive faster each day and we all get tired pretty quick. Our dinner menu usually consists of flavourful pastas, noodle dishes, hearty soups, salads, or loaded sandwiches.

July 16, 2014

Whipped Cream Dessert and Two Giveaways

This is the time of the year most of us are relaxing outdoors and are looking for easy, but healthy recipes to make for our family and friends. Since fresh berries are in season I like to include it into my dessert, as it is a good way to make sure we are eating nutritious food. These individualized desserts cups are a hit with everyone in my family. It is easy to prepare and can be made within a few minutes. These colourful Berry Whipped Cream Dessert Cups are perfect to serve during outdoor parties as well.

June 10, 2014

Delicious Potatoes with Sour Cream and a Giveaway

I enjoy cooking outdoors during the summer because it is fun and allows me to cook leisurely while enjoying the fresh air, sunshine and green space. I cook on the barbecue, and grill a lot of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Most of our favourite dishes on the barbecue are savoury. Usually while barbecuing meat, I also put in potatoes wrapped in foil, garlic, onions and peppers. This twist on preparing twice baked potatoes with Gay Lea sour cream is fast and makes a barbecue meal complete.

May 12, 2014

Carrot Cottage Cheese Fritters and a Giveaway

As the weather gets warmer, my husband and I try to shed a few pounds we gained in the winter :) I usually swap for healthier, fresh and local ingredients when cooking meals for my family during the warm months, as it is readily and easily available. I try to get locally grown vegetables and fruits, as well as try to grow our own in our garden. I also find during warmer weather, my family and I tend to eat small, but healthier portions of food throughout the day instead of heavy meals. 

April 6, 2014

Banana Walnut Muffins and Two Giveaways to Celebrate Spring

The weather is becoming warmer, and we are happy to feel and see the sunshine :) The warm temperatures make the bananas I buy ripe very fast, and I like this as I can use the ripe bananas in desserts and snacks. To celebrate the blue skies, fresh air, spring birds and blooms, I can't think of any other dessert but muffins with bananas and walnuts in it. With the long weekend coming soon, these easy to make, quick muffins would be wonderful to make a day ahead and take with us on a picnic or a road trip. These muffins taste even more special with a spread of Gay Lea Spreadables. 

March 5, 2014

Our Family Values and Recipe To Make Baked Chocolate Doughnuts

When I was growing up my family taught me to value many things like loyalty, honesty, generosity and hard work. I pass this onto my children by teaching them how to live by these values everyday, so they can pass it on to future generations. These family values make who we are, and makes us appreciate life and all that it offers. When I consider what to buy or things we use as a family on a regular basis, I like to choose products that stand behind values and quality. 

February 3, 2014

Warm French Molten Chocolate Cake With Whipped Cream

molten chocolate cake with whipped cream
February is a month where love is celebrated, and many of us are looking for delicious recipes that we can make to impress our loved ones. I think topping our desserts, special breakfasts and beverages with whipped cream makes it extra special. My family and I enjoy whipped cream and use it a lot during the cold months over warm desserts and hot beverages like hot chocolate.

January 5, 2014

Phyllo Pastries with Cottage Cheese and Spinach and Two Giveaways

Gay Lea’s Nordica Cottage Cheese is a healthy ingredient for a multitude of foods from smoothies, to cooking, to baking. Nordica Cottage Cheese can be used as a supplement ingredient that provides a low in fat, high in protein alternative. I enjoy using cottage cheese in a variety of dishes such as in desserts, lasagna and other pasta dishes. I made our favourite savoury snack using cottage cheese and spinach wrapped in phyllo pastry that we enjoy during teatime. 

December 10, 2013

Our Holiday Baking Traditions and Baking Cupcakes

I love baking! The love for baking and cooking is embedded in me probably because of helping out as a young child in the kitchen when my grandma, aunts, cousins and mom get busy making a variety of dishes. We used to get together and make lots of goodies to give family, friends and neighbours during special occasions and festivals. I love continuing this tradition with my family and get everyone in the mood to bake and share.

November 9, 2013

Contest, Two Giveaways and Recipe For Our Favourite Shortbread Cookie Recipe

The holiday season is around the corner, and this is the time of the year when we get passionate about our baking, and sharing the goodies with our loved ones. 
Shortbread is one of our favourite cookies. I enjoy making my own and involving my kids when I do this. Having a box full of homemade shortbread cookies during the holidays is a must in our home, so we can serve it to those who visit, as well as take to friends and family. 

October 12, 2013

Indulge The Spreadables Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Butter With Us

We enjoy warm breakfast over cold ones throughout the year. The first thing we do every morning after a wash is to eat our breakfast. Compared to weekdays, I tend to be regular in making a big breakfast on weekends. We choose to make a variety of porridges, French toast, cinnamon buns, muffins just to name a few. My children sometimes help me prepare the breakfast during the weekends and holidays.