Saturday, June 24, 2017

Branching Narrative Episodes on Netflix

Netflix launches the first "branching" narrative episode, Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, in which the viewer gets to decide where to take the story next. Children have the opportunity to make choices and create non-linear adventures that will lead to two pre-determined main storylines. Buddy Thunderstruck (July 14) and Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout (next year) will be added to the "branching" narrative episodes.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Helly Hansen Rainwear and Footwear

helly hansen
Wearing stylish and comfortable footwear is important to properly enjoy outdoors, and be active for long periods of time, so we can soak in the warm summer weather we have longed for. When it comes to footwear, we are quite picky as we find there is a direct correlation between footwear and how we feel at the end of the day. Uncomfortable footwear can lead to problems such as back pain.   

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Collage and Paper: Calming Meditative Activities

collage cut and create paper mosaic
Everyone in our family enjoyed taking part in doing the calming and interesting paper mosaic activity in Chiharu Rosenberg's Cut and Create Paper Mosaics kit. This craft mosaic-by-number artwork is done by cutting the numbered paper tiles which are printed on coloured and patterned paper, then gluing it to the card stock. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

STEM Education at Home and Scratch Book Giveaway

stem education books
With informative STEM education geared books from DK, it is easy for us to encourage our children to keep their minds active and practice a variety of age appropriate concepts. Instead of children playing games on the computer, with Scratch they can make their own games and practice math concepts such as variables, coordinates, angles, problem solving, numeracy, as well as improve language, art and creative skills.

Improving Gut Health with Probiotics Supplements

gut health probiotic
These days many people we know talk about gut health and are paying more attention to it. Doctors and naturopaths are sharing more on how important it is for us to balance the "good" and "bad" bacteria that live in our digestive tract for our overall wellbeing. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

More Convenience with Keyless Schlage Connect

Schlage Connect
Last year, with the help of the Schlage Touch we started our journey to the Keyless future. This made things convenient for us, and we had one less thing to worry about. The Schlage Touch uses a custom pin to unlock the front door, which makes it very convenient for the adults and children. In the mornings when heading out, there is no waiting near the door for everyone to be out to lock the door with a key as all it takes with the Schlage is to turn the lever to lock the door.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Celebrate Dads with Hallmark

hallmark gifts
Hallmark has a creative collection of gifts we can present to the men in our lives. Grandfathers, fathers, sons, or any man in your life will like these Hallmark presents they can use when entertaining or as décor.

Register Soon for TAC Summer Camp

School will be out in a few weeks! During the summer vacations we are planning to relax, spend time camping, and going on road trips. However, these will not fill all the summer days. My children are excited about returning to TAC Summer Camp where they get to play, learn, make memories and have fun with children in the same age groups.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Anytime is Prime Time

Netflix has changed the way we watch TV. As a child, my siblings and I had the habit of settling down to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings, or watching the Friday night movie that comes on TV.

Breville Quick Touch Crisp Smart Cook Feature

Breville Quick Touch Crisp
We enjoy using the Breville Quick Touch Crisp microwave on a regular basis, and find its unique features handy. The Smart Cook options allow us to prepare meals or setup ingredients for recipes easily.
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