Friday, August 26, 2016

Get Ready for a New School Year with Church and Dwight

arm and hammer oxiclean
As we plan on getting ready for the new school year, Church and Dwight has a few items that will come in handy for every household.

Crystal Clean from the sea Omega 3 Helps Families Stay Healthy

Crystal Clean from the sea Omega 3
Crystal Clean from the sea Omega-3 is a delicious and convenient way to for everyone in the whole family to get their omega-3 needs. Each teaspoon has 750 mg of EPA and 500 mg of DHA in every teaspoon. The omega-3 essential fatty acids help keep cell membranes flexible and functional, supporting cardiovascular and cognitive health throughout life. DHA is important for the development of the eyes, brain, nerves in children, may support learning ability, cognition, and emotional well-being as well as the overall health in children and adults.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fight for Your Write and be a Handwriting Hero

bic handwriting
BIC has developed a range of trendy writing tools and handwriting activities that engages and motivates children for the upcoming school year. Learning how to write by hand is an important and crucial skill that helps children develop skills such as physical fine motor skills, cognitive skills, social, emotional, literacy, and communication skills. Being able to write encourages a sense of independence that helps children become thoughtful, inquisitive and confident learners. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Versatile Children's Clothing Collection at Giant Tiger

giant tiger back to school
In time for back-to-school, Giant Tiger has introduced three fun and fashionable children's clothing lines: Monkey Bars for girls and boys sizes 2-6X; Bella and Birdie for girls sizes 7–14; and Survival Gear for boys sizes 8-16 available exclusively at all Giant Tiger stores.

Getting our Children's Sight Checked Before School Starts

loblaws eye check
With school starting soon, we have been focusing on getting back-to-school gear ready. This is also a good time to take children over 6-months of age for a yearly eye examination that is covered by OHIP. Success at school depends on how much children can comfortably see the blackboard and their books without squinting or rubbing their eyes. For some children, eyeglasses can mean the difference between thriving at school and falling behind.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Our Summer Escape in the Mazda CX-9

Mazda CX-9
Recently, we had a comfortable and relaxing drive during our summer escape to Collingwood and the Wasaga beach area in the Sonic Silver Metallic Mazda CX-9. There are many features in the CX-9 that everyone in the family will appreciate.

Blogger Opportunity for an Upcoming Giveaway
Here is a fun new blogger opportunity Hosted by Lil' Blog and More coming soon! Prize for the event: A $100 Walmart Gift Card! Giveaway will be happening between 8/29 - 9/20. This will be a fun event, that will have a huge turn out, so be sure to join in. 

Bring Your Garage Door to Life using Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Controller

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Controller
With the rapid growth in technology, it is becoming more easy for us to manage our homes using smart home tech. We find that investing in home tech such as smart bulbs and security cameras does not cost us much, compared to changing prior investments such as garage doors to make it smarter. In order to make it more affordable for folks, Chamberlain has made an universal smartphone garage door controller that we can install to our already existing garage door at a fraction of the cost compared to if we were to change the entire door.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Our Adventures at the Scenic Caves

scenic caves
Scenic Caves located in Collingwood, Ontario is a four-season attraction that is well-worth visiting with family and friends. We spent over three hours during our visit this summer, as we enjoyed an array of family friendly attractions such as exploring the caves, feeding fish, mining for gemstones, playing mini-golf, taking a tractor-wagon ride, walking on the suspension bridge, and more. Watch the video below to see a glimpse of the adventures at the Scenic Caves

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Activities We Do With Our Children to provide Inspiration

As parents, we find it our responsibility to make our children comprehend that everything around them needs to be respected and appreciated. To make them understand that all experiences provide knowledge, we do a variety of activities with them. Making these activities as part of our lifestyle, helps them become savvy. These activities do not cost us financially, and helps build memories.
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