Monday, June 7, 2021

Keeping the Garden Neat And Tidy

createwithmom garden
Sit back, relax and enjoy your corner of green paradise: this is the dream of every garden owner when summer arrives. But it's not that simple, because grass always grows back too quickly and the rain allows the bushes to overgrow in abundance. It is all the more important to prune regularly so that the native plants retain their shape. It is also important to keep your garden free from unwanted critters and creatures as they too can damage and destroy wildlife. For example, you may want to look at skunks removal! We have a skunk that is too curious with our pond, and often removes things from it. We do try to prevent it from destroying the pond area by covering the pond every night with a mesh.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Trending Fashion Brands in 2021

trending fashion brand
Although the pandemic hit hard on the economy in 2020, 2021 holds many promises as global fashion brands refuse to slow down. For example, the Calvin Klein brand launched its Spring and Summer ‘Blank Canvas’ campaign in April this year, which set the ball rolling for its 2021 fashion agenda. Moreover, it’s understandable why these notable brands will release new collections every quarter, considering that the global fashion market will grow at 7.18% from now to 2025. Are you a fashion enthusiast who loves to know what’s trending? Read more here for the top 3 fashion brands in 2021.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Cool Ways To Use Touch-Free Technology In Your Home

google home
Touch-free tech is any type of technology that can be controlled without touching it. Throughout the pandemic, such technology has been important for reducing the spread of the viruses. However, touch-free technology has many uses beyond this - it can help when you’ve got messy hands from cooking or arts and crafts, or it can help when you’ve got your hands full from carrying shopping or a baby. Below are some of the different forms of touch-free technology and their cool uses around the home.

Important Things You Should Know Before Relocating To The US

windsor ontario
Many Canadians relocate to the United States these days for many reasons ranging from work to family. As per the American Community Surveys (ACS) data, about 783,000 Canadians lived in the U.S in 2016. However, relocating to the U.S is more than simply packing your bags and moving, as there are several things you have to sort out before embarking on this life-changing journey. If you are considering making a similar move, here are some things you should bear in mind before relocating to America.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Essential Tips On How To Prepare For Travelling

windsor ontario
After the ups and downs of the past year, it is safe to say exploring other parts of the country or the world is as appealing as ever! Although traveling can be fun, preparing for it can be pretty overwhelming. Where do you start? Whether you intend on traveling by air, taking a bus, or a family road trip, there are a few things you should consider before your trip to give you some peace of mind and ensure you enjoy your vacation. Here are four tips you would find helpful.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Double Ditto giveaway

double ditto
Double Ditto has become our favourite new game! It is the perfect party game where everyone can play! This game can be played with more than four players over 10 years. It is fun to predict what our family and friends will say before they actually say it. It’s not that they lack originality, it’s just an unspoken super power that exists once a relationship evolves to a certain point. This is an easy game to learn and play, which will be fun for the whole family.

3 Ways To Improve Your Kitchen Layout

mercantile kitchen
The kitchen is truly the family hub of the home; it is where people come together to share food, catch up on their day, and make memories together. Your kitchen’s layout, however, could limit your ability to do these things if it is not arranged in an optimal way for your lifestyle. Here are some ideas on how to improve your kitchen’s layout with three easy steps.

Gift Ideas To Give Ladies

This past year has been hard for everyone - and when times get tough, it can make celebrations even more special. There has never been a more pertinent time to celebrate how precious life is. If you know of any ladies with a celebration coming up, it’s time to think about gifts. Gift giving can be a challenging task - so hopefully this list will inspire.

The Easiest Ways to Upgrade Your Home

organizing the home craft space
We enjoy changing up the decor in our home often to keep it fresh and make it interesting. Without years of change to the decor or renovation, a home can loose its charm. Especially when we get busy, it is hard to stay on top of maintaining a home, but it is worth pursuing because, ultimately, it’ll have additional benefits to us. It’s not necessarily about transforming your home completely. It’s just about making smart upgrades. Here are some of the easiest ways anyone can upgrade their home.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Enjoying Authentic Worldwide Cuisine At Home

The world of food has become a lot more diverse in most countries over the last century or so. As the globe becomes increasingly connected, the cuisines that used to be restricted to small parts of it are readily available just about everywhere. Of course, though, this usually comes with some compromises, with foods from different places being given a spin makes them fall better in line with the options where they are being eaten. Here are ways we can enjoy a truly authentic experience.