March 25, 2024

GO: A Memoir of Movement

book go memoir of movement
GO: A Memoir of Movement is by Jesse O'Reilly-Conlin, an award-winning writer and editor who has travelled, volunteered, studied, or worked in 135 countries around the world. The author provides an incisive look at destinations such as Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Kosovo and Albania. The author uses travel as a fulcrum to explore his own relationship to the world as well as to himself. The author is blunt with reality and shares vivid details of incidents and things that happened in the past and during his travels.

There is a bit of everything from stories of travel, history of the places, the people he encounters, emotions, things he learns, and more. As I read the stories about the daily lives of the children in the orphanages to people in Srebrenica that were simply killed for having the wrong last name and for believing in God, it was a reminder of how grateful we should be for the blessings we have. 

This non fiction brings a new perspective to the notion of the role of the traveller and the sacrifices involved in a life of movement. It is a sad reality of how these days travelling has just become a check list of places to see, not a reflection of the places or its history or the reality of what is happening all over the world where people have no place to live peacefully. GO: A Memoir of Movement is an interesting book for adult readers.

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