April 1, 2024

How To Help Someone When They Need It

Life is tough sometimes. People get sick or experience stressful or traumatic events. When something happens to someone you love, it is time for you to show up for them and show you care. See how easily you can do just this and make someone's day a little brighter.

Give Them the Gift of a Clean Home
No matter how neat, tidy, clean or organized someone is, things can pile up quickly and become messy. Even on a good day, it can become difficult to stay on top of dusting, dishes, and laundry. Give your loved one the gift of professional home cleaning services. Choose from light, routine cleaning services or a full home deep cleaning option. Having a clean home is one less thing to worry about and will certainly be appreciated.

Bring Their Favourite Meal
Even when someone is ill or experiencing undue stress in their lives they still need to eat. And even if they are not too hungry, someone else in their household probably is. If you do not already know, find out what their favourite food is and either make or order it. There is nothing like comfort food, and removing the responsibility of shopping and preparing food or just thinking about the entire process will be a huge weight off their shoulders. You can even take an extra meal to freeze.

Listen Quietly When They Talk
When people are going through something burdensome, stressful, or sad, oftentimes they want to talk about it. They wish to put their thoughts and feelings out into the world and simply talk. Note that they probably do not wish to discuss their problems and get feedback. They want to be heard, acknowledged, validated, and supported through whatever they are experiencing. That is when you can show up for them by opening your ears and quieting your voice. Refrain from offering advice or anecdotal evidence on how others have fared in a similar situation. Hear what they have to say, express your feelings of support, and just listen.

Help With Child and Pet Care
Children and pets are remarkable things. They are also very demanding of someone's time, and rightly so. If your loved one has children or pets, offer to help. With children, you can provide transportation to and from school to take a significant responsibility off their shoulders for a few days. Offer to take the children for a few hours on a weekend to let your loved one rest.
When it comes to helping others while they are experiencing difficult times, all you need to do is provide basic love and care. Hire a cleaning service, provide sustenance, be a good listener, and help them when they need it.

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